The Best Ways to Store Dried Lavender for Long-Lasting Aroma and Freshness

If you have recently harvested lavender from your garden or purchased dried lavender, it is essential to know how to store it properly for long-lasting freshness. Lavender has a beautiful aroma and can be used for various purposes like making sachets, bath salts, herbal teas or as an ingredient in cooking. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to store dried lavender to maintain its fragrance and potency.

Choosing the right container

The first step in storing dried lavender is choosing the right container. You should opt for an airtight glass jar with a tight-fitting lid that seals out moisture and air. Plastic containers may release toxins over time which affects the quality of the herb.

Glass Jar

A glass jar comes with many advantages; they are easy-to-clean, ensure maximum protection against contaminants and allows you to see what’s inside without opening them.

Drying Process

Before thinking about storage options, make sure that your lavender flowers are dry before packing them away — if there is any residual moisture left behind from harvesting or drying process then that will cause mold growth leading to bad odor of herbs.

Sun Dry Methods

Sun drying method requires placing flower stems on paper towels or newsprint in direct sunlight until they become crispy dry (two-three weeks). This method exposes them directly under sunlight hence quicker but needs consistent monitoring during high humidity days when air might not absorb much water vapor causing moisture retention in flowers which ultimately leads to decay after some time

Alternatively: Place them upside down (retains oil within buds) hanging near windowpanes facing sunlight helps retain oils within buds while exposing leaves filter out UV rays & dust particles enhancing their overall aromatic profile

Oven Drying Method

This method involves heating up oven at low temperature 100-120°F range lay-down prepped buds on trays lined with parchment paper dehydrating them in heated space for 2-3 hours. This method can cause loss of essential oil if not monitored properly.

Storing process

After drying the lavender buds, you should store them in a dry and cool place to maintain their fragrance. It is advisable to avoid storing your herbs near sources of warmth or humidity like windowsills, ovens, or dishwashers as this could lead to spoilage due to moisture accumulation hence reducing shelf life.

Packing Buds

Once dried, take out stems and separate flowers from it tapping off any loose debris before packing them into glass jars. Fill the jar up to two-thirds capacity leaving room for air inside container so that herb doesn’t get crushed which could result in a loss of aroma & flavor.

Labeling Jars

Make sure you label your jar by indicating date harvested/dried & source location (if applicable) using small stickers/handwritten notes attached outside allowing easier access without having to open lids frequently while also keeping track of aging timeline

In conclusion, drying and storing lavender are simple processes that require proper methods and care. By following these tips mentioned above on choosing the right container, drying techniques such as sun-drying or oven drying method along with an appropriate storage environment will ensure that your lavender maintains its potency for future use. Enjoy creating unique blends with this versatile herb!

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