How to Properly Store Dried Mullein Leaves for Long-Term Use

The Benefits of Dried Mullein Leaves

Mullein leaves have been used for centuries to treat respiratory issues like bronchitis, coughs, and asthma. They are also effective against inflammation, infections, and as a mild sedative. Dried mullein leaves can be used in teas or infusions that can provide relief for the aforementioned conditions.

In addition to their medicinal benefits, dried mullein leaves are easy to store and can last up to two years when stored properly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to store dried mullein leaves so you can get the most out of them.

Keep Your Dried Mullein Leaves Dry

The first step in storing your dried mullein leaves is ensuring they are completely dry before storage. Moisture can cause mold growth which may reduce the potency of the plant material.

To dry your own fresh mullein leaves at home:

1. Harvest fresh greenery from a mature plant
2. Remove any damaged or diseased foliage
3. Wash thoroughly under running water
4. Shake off any excess moisture
5. Spread the clean herbs over a mesh screen or hanging basket in a well-ventilated area where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight.
6.Drying time typically takes about 10-14 days until brittle

Alternatively: You could purchase pre-dried fresco herbs from your local health food stores online retailer such as

Once you’ve ensured that the herbs are fully dried through either method above; store them properly by following these steps:

1) Choose The Right Container

The ideal container for storing dried herb materials would be one made out of glass with an air-tight sealable lid – Small mason jars work great! This type of container prevents unwanted pests gaining access while keeping moisture away from your product

2) Store In A Cool, Dark Place

Dried herbs are sensitive to heat and light exposure. Therefore, it’s essential to store dried mullein leaves in a dark and cool location such as pantry or cupboard if possible.

3) Label Your Mullein Leaf Container

It is important to label the container with the date of expiration so that you can ensure you obtain optimal potency before using them for herbal infusions or tinctures.


Properly stored dried mullein leaves can last up to two years while maintaining their medicinal benefits. Ensure proper storage by keeping them dry, in an air-tight glass container, and away from heat and sunlight sources. Follow these steps diligently when storing your dried mullein leaf remedies at home!

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