Proper Ways to Store Edible Images for Longevity and Quality

Edible images have become a popular decoration for cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. For those who are new to edible images or looking for ways to store them, this post provides some useful tips on how to keep them fresh and usable.

What are Edible Images?

Edible images are essentially sheets of icing that can be printed with high-quality designs like photos, logos or text using food-grade ink. They can be used on fondant-covered cakes, buttercream frosted cupcakes, cake pops and more. These sheets of icing are placed on top of the dessert item to give it an extra touch of customization.

Why is Proper Storage Important?

As with any food product, proper storage is crucial in maintaining the quality and safety of your edible images. If stored improperly they may crack or dry out which could compromise their appearance when applied to desserts.

Avoid Moisture

One thing you should always avoid when storing edible images is moisture as this can cause the image sheet to stick together or soften over time.

Avoid Heat

Heat exposure should also be avoided because it could cause the colors in the image sheet to fade or bleed which would affect its overall appearance once applied.

Tips for Storing Edible Images

Here are some helpful tips that will ensure your edible images stay fresh and ready-to-use:

Cool Dry Place:

One way you can store your edible images is by placing them in a cool dry place such as a pantry cupboard away from light exposure where temperatures remain fairly constant throughout the year.


If you’re not planning on using your edible image within a week then refrigeration may be needed but only if sealed correctly with plastic wrap/ziplock bag. Remember to not put the edible images directly in contact with other items that could cause moisture like fruits or vegetables.


Edible images can be a fun and creative way of personalizing desserts but proper storage is important. Always store them away from moisture and heat, keep them in a cool dry place, and if you’re not using them within a week consider refrigerating. Following these tips will ensure your edible images stay fresh and ready-to-use for your next decorating project!

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