Effective Ways to Store Your Electric Scooter in an Apartment

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation for many people, especially in urban areas. They’re easy to ride, eco-friendly, and affordable compared to cars or motorcycles. However, one of the biggest challenges electric scooter owners face is where and how to store their bikes in apartments with limited space.

In this blog post, we will provide some tips on how to store an electric scooter in an apartment safely and efficiently.

Choose a Suitable Storage Space

The first step towards storing your electric scooter properly is identifying a suitable storage space within your apartment. Some common options include:

A Closet:

If you have a closet that’s big enough to accommodate your scooter comfortably, it could be an ideal place for storing it. You may need to remove some shelves or reorganize items inside the closet so that there’s ample room for the bike.

A Balcony:

If you have access to a balcony outside your apartment unit, consider using it as storage space for your e-scooter. However, ensure that you secure it well and protect it from harsh weather elements by using covers or shelters if necessary.

A Corner:

Pick out an unused corner of your living space where you can park or lean the e-scooter when not in use. This option works best if you don’t have any children or pets who might accidentally knock over the bike when playing around.

Fold Your Electric Scooter Down

Most electric scooters are designed with foldable features that make them easier to carry around and store away conveniently. When looking at solutions for storing an e-scooter in an apartment setting without taking up too much floor area – folding down its frame should be among top priority strategies! That way they won’t take up much room at all!

First, fold the handlebar down and make sure it clicks into place. Then, unfold and lower the stem until you hear a click sound. Finally, fold down the foot deck over the rear wheel. Now your electric scooter is compact enough to fit in tight spaces.

Invest In A Scooter Stand

Another option is investing in a proper scooter stand that’s specifically designed for holding electric scooters upright when not in use. This type of stand will help keep your bike balanced securely without leaning onto anything else or making contact with other surfaces that might damage its finish.

These stands can be found online or at local bike shops/accessory stores and are usually quite affordable compared to other storage solutions!

Cover Your Electric Scooter Properly

It’s essential to protect your e-scooter from dust, dirt, moisture while being stored away for an extended period; covering it with a suitable cover will be helpful! You can find them online on Amazon or any local shop where they sell bike/scooter accessories.

Make sure that the cover fits snugly over your electric scooter without leaving any openings exposed so that insects (such as spiders) don’t climb inside looking for shelter – this could lead to unwelcome surprises later on! Also make sure it covers all parts of the e-scooter so nothing gets damaged by exposure humidity.


Storing an electric scooter in an apartment doesn’t have to be complicated or frustrating if we take some time out beforehand to plan accordingly. With these tips on how best store our bikes- we should be able easily manage finding space saving solutions within our apartments – no matter how small they may seem initially!

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