The Ultimate Guide to Storing Empty Mason Jars: Tips and Tricks

Mason jars have become a popular household item, not just for canning foods but also for various DIY projects such as storing spices, organizing craft materials, and creating homemade candles. However, storing empty mason jars might seem like a simple task, but it’s important to do it properly to ensure their longevity and prevent any damage.

Clean the Mason Jars First

Before storing your empty mason jars, you want to make sure that they are clean and free of any residue or odors from previous use. Start by removing any labels or stickers on the jar using hot water or rubbing alcohol. Then wash them with soap and warm water or run them through the dishwasher to sanitize them.


  • To remove stubborn sticker residue on the jar lids, use vinegar or cooking oil.
  • If you’re hand-washing your mason jars, use a bottle brush to scrub hard-to-reach areas inside the jar.
  • Dry your cleaned mason jars thoroughly before storage to avoid mold growth.

Select an Ideal Storage Area

When choosing where to store your empty mason jars consider an area that is cool and dry with minimal exposure to sunlight. You don’t want them in direct sunlight as this can cause discoloration of both clear glass and colored glass models over time.


  • A closet shelf is an ideal place because it’s cool without too much temperature fluctuation from opening/closing doors throughout the day.
  • Avoid damp basements or garages which may be prone to mildew/mold problems after long term storage periods; these environments could lead towards contamination if left unchecked!

Store Them Upright

When storing mason jars, always keep them upright. This will prevent any water from collecting inside the jars and causing mold growth or rust on metal lids. Storing them horizontally also increases the chance of breakage if other items are placed on top of them.


  • If you’re storing a large number at once, consider using sturdy boxes with dividers to help separate each jar.
  • You can use the original packaging that they came in when purchased.


By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your empty mason jars remain clean and free of damage while in storage until their next use. Remember to keep them dry and upright in a cool location away from direct sunlight and other obstructions. Happy crafting!

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