Effective Ways to Store Your Exercise Ball

Why is it Important to Store Your Exercise Ball Correctly?

An exercise ball can be a great addition to your fitness routine. It’s versatile, can be used for multiple exercises, and adds an extra challenge to your workout. However, when not in use, you need to store it properly. Doing so will help protect the ball from damage and keep it inflated longer.

Where Should You Store Your Exercise Ball?

The first step in storing your exercise ball is finding the right location. Avoid placing it near any sharp objects or surfaces that could puncture the surface of the ball. A good idea would be to store it in a clean dry area such as a closet or storage room which is out of reach from children and pets.

Inflated vs Deflated

When we think about storing an exercise ball, most people assume they should deflate it before putting them away; however this may not always be necessary . If you have limited space then deflating your exercise might seem like the better option but if space isn’t a problem then leaving the ball inflated can actually save time and hassle of having to inflate again later on.

If you opt for inflating then make sure that there aren’t any items around that are likely going cause problems with keeping air inside like heat sources or sharp edges.

On other hand if choose deflation remember how long ago you inflated because over time all balls lose some air naturally which means leaving them for too long could result in more work than what’s really needed just when trying re-inflate .

Cleaning Routine

Before storing your exercise ball ensure its cleaned because dirt particles attract moisture making prone mold development

Cleaning procedure;

1) Using lukewarm water and gentle soap ontop of cloth wipe down entire surface
2) Rinse off excess soap residue using fresh towel and clear water
3) Let it sit a few minutes to dry before deflating or inflating as necessary

How to Deflate Your Exercise Ball?

Deflating an exercise ball can be done easily with a pump, using the provided tool that came with the ball. Inserting your pump into the valve, press down until all air has been released from within.

How to Store Your Exercise Ball

Storing an exercise ball is simple when you follow these guidelines:

1) If possible, store your exercise ball in its original box.
2) If storing inflated: place it somewhere flat like under bed or sofa to avoid puncturing.
3) For storage of deflated balls: put them away inside large bag or container ensure its completely sealed prevent dust buildup

Remember, proper storage helps maintain the longevity of your exercise equipment. A little extra care goes a long way!

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