Efficient Ways to Store Extra Hangers in Your Closet

Extra hangers can be a pain to store, especially if you have limited closet space or just too many clothes. They always seem to get tangled up and take up valuable storage space that could be used for other items. Fortunately, there are several creative ways to store extra hangers that will save you time and space.

Hanger Storage Ideas

1. Use a Hanger Organizer Rack

One of the best ways to store extra hangers is by using a dedicated rack designed specifically for it. These racks come in various sizes and styles, from wall-mounted options to standalone ones that can fit inside your closet. Simply place your extra hangers on the rack, and they’ll stay organized until you need them again.

2. Hang Them on Hooks or Nails

If you’re short on storage options but have some available wall space, consider installing hooks or nails where you can hang your extra hangers instead of keeping them in your already crowded closet. You can also use adhesive hooks if drilling isn’t an option.

3. Make Use of Your Clothes Hanger Bar

Another easy way to organize your extra hangers is by hanging them from the existing bar in your closet where all of your clothes hang from. This method works well with slimline wire coat hangers as they don’t take up much room themselves.

4.Invest In A Hanging Bag Organiser

This option comes handy for those who travel frequently as these bags give plenty of compartments that serve not only as an organizer bag but also one which has so much capacity such that one still remains with quite some free space after storing accessories like jewelry among others.

5. Use a Hanging Basket

Attach a hanging basket on the wall inside your closet or on an unused space of your bedroom, and store those extra hangers there.


Storing extra hangers can be both practical and creative if you think outside the box. With these ideas, you’ll save yourself time rummaging through tangled hangers in search of just one while keeping them organized and easily accessible for whenever you need them next!

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