The Best Way to Store Feta Cheese Once Opened

Feta cheese is one of the most popular types of Greek cheese. It offers a salty and tangy taste that complements many dishes. However, once you open your feta cheese, it can be challenging to store it without ruining its texture and flavor. In this blog post, we will guide you on how to store feta cheese correctly.

Why Proper Storage Matters

Before diving into how to store feta cheese properly, let’s first understand why proper storage matters. Feta is a perishable dairy product that contains a lot of moisture. If not stored correctly, the moisture can evaporate or increase in quantity leading to spoilage.

Spoiled feta may have an off smell and slimy texture. Consuming spoiled feta may lead to food poisoning which could lead to severe health complications.

How To Store Feta Cheese Once Opened

The Basic Rule: Keep It Refrigerated

The first essential rule when storing opened feta is keeping it refrigerated at all times until consumed entirely. Keeping it at room temperature for extended periods promotes bacterial growth and increases chances of spoiling.

It would be best if you transferred your opened package into an air-tight container before refrigerating. This helps maintain the right amount of humidity needed for the preservation of quality.

Wrap The Fetched Cheese In An Aluminum Foil Or Plastic Wrap

Once you’ve removed the original packaging from your feta block, use foil paper or plastic wrap around each piece separately tightly wrapping up any sides exposed as these areas tend towards quick spoilage due to exposure with air.

Wrap all pieces tightly using aluminum foil or plastic wrap so that they are secure and free from outside contamination like bacteria or mold spores while being kept fresh longer than typical shelf life on average (up-to 4-6 weeks).

Store In A Brine Solution

Another way to store feta cheese is in a brine solution. You can make your own or buy a commercially available one from stores.

To make the brine solution, add a teaspoon of salt to every cup of water and mix thoroughly.

Place the wrapped feta cheese blocks into an air-tight container filled with the prepared brine solution – it helps preserve its texture and flavor for up-to three months as long as you keep storing it at recommended temperatures (below 40°F).


Properly storing feta cheese once opened will help maintain its quality, taste, and freshness until consumed entirely. Keep these storage tips in mind when buying this delicious Greek cheese to ensure that you enjoy every bit of it without any worries about spoilage. By following these steps, you’ll be sure to have fresh-tasting feta whenever you need it!

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