Tips for Storing Completed Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to relieve stress, improve cognitive function and keep yourself entertained. Completing a puzzle is an accomplishment in itself, but it’s important to know how to store finished puzzles properly so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Importance of Storing Finished Puzzles

Storing your completed puzzle properly is essential if you want the satisfaction of admiring your handiwork long after completion. It will help preserve the integrity and beauty of the finished product as well as give you peace of mind knowing that it won’t be damaged or lost.

Avoiding Damage

If you don’t store your puzzle correctly, there’s a high chance that pieces may fall out, get jumbled up or even bend over time. This could lead to having gaps in your final picture, making all those hours spent on putting it together go down the drain.

Safe Storage Option

The safest storage option is using Jiggy Puzzle Boxes which are specifically designed for storing completed puzzles. They’re available in various sizes from small 500 piece sets up to large 2000+ set options with different designs and colors depending on personal preferences.

How To Store Your Completed Puzzle Using A Jiggy Puzzle Box?

Clean The Surface Area

Before storing any jigsaw puzzle into boxes or containers make sure that surface area where items will be placed must be clean and dirt-free because dust particles might cause damage by scratching its surface

Gather All The Required Materials

Gather all necessary materials before starting packing like cling wrap (or plastic cover), scissors, adhesive tape (or masking tape)and jiggy box etc.

Cover The Finished Puzzle With Cling Wrap

Start with covering the finished puzzle with cling wrap while it is still on the surface where you completed it, making sure that all pieces are covered and held together firmly.

Cut Out The Excess Cling Wrap

Cut out any excess cling wrap with scissors, but be careful not to cut the puzzle itself.

Flip Over To Remove The Puzzle From Surface

Once wrapped up, flip over the puzzle carefully so that its surface is touching a clean table or similar flat area (preferably one where there isn’t much foot traffic).

Insert In Jiggy Box

Now slide your wrapped-up jigsaw puzzle into your jiggy box. Make sure that all sides are well secured and enclosed completely by using adhesive tape or masking tape wherever necessary


Storing your completed puzzles properly will ensure their longevity and allow you to enjoy them for years to come. Utilizing Jiggy Boxes as an effective storage option can help keep the integrity of these beautiful puzzles intact. Follow these simple steps for safe storage of finished puzzles in no time!

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