How to Store Formula While on the Go: Tips and Tricks for Busy Parents

As a parent, one of the most important tasks you have is ensuring that your baby receives proper nutrition at all times. This becomes even more challenging when you’re out and about with your little one, and need to carry their formula along with you. Storing formula on the go can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks for storing formula while traveling or running errands.

Preparation is Key

The key to successfully storing formula on the go is preparation. Here are some steps you can take before leaving home:

Pack Extra Formula

Always pack extra formula than what you think you may need. You never know if there might be a delay in your schedule or if your baby would demand more milk than usual.

Pack A Sterilized Bottle And Nipple

Pack sterilized bottles and nipples separately so that they don’t come into contact with other items in your bag.

Clean Your Hands Before Handling The Formula Package & Equipment

Before handling any equipment like bottle caps or scoops or opening the package of powdered milk, ensure that your hands are clean as well as dry

Storing Powdered Formula On The Go

One option for storing powdered formula on-the-go is pre-measured packets which are available from many brands such as Enfamil, Similac among others.
However, these days almost all types of packaging include scoop holder; making storage easier since it will reduce spilled powder messes inside diaper bags

Here are some additional tips for storing powdered formula while traveling:

Use An Airtight Container

Place entire container into an air-tight container where possible – use containers meant specifically made for formulas which usually come in separate compartments so that you can carry more than one serving.

Pre-Measure Formula

If your container doesn’t have separate compartments, you can pre-measure the formula into individual baggies before leaving home.

Avoid Exposure To Moisture

Keep the container or baggie in a dry place. Avoid keeping them near wet wipes or any other moist items inside your diaper bag

Storing Liquid Formula On The Go

Another option for storing formula on-the-go is using pre-made liquid formula, which comes ready to serve. Here are some tips for storing liquid formula while traveling:

Cooling Bag

Invest in a good quality cooling bag to keep the bottles chilled as long as possible – this will help preserve its freshness and prevent bacteria growth

Pack Bottles In A Ziplock Bag

Pack each bottle individually in a ziplock bag just in case they leak or spill

No Heat Needed

When traveling with liquid formulas there’s no need for hot water; simply pack your cooled bottles of milk and feed baby when needed.


Storing formula on the go might seem challenging but with proper preparation you’re sure to be successful! Remember that packing extra supplies, keeping everything clean and dry, avoiding contact with moisture as well as investing in high-quality storage containers will all contribute towards making feeding times easier while out running errands. Happy travels!

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