Tips for Properly Storing Four O’Clock Seeds

Four O’ clock, also known as Marvel of Peru, is a stunningly beautiful flowering plant that produces vibrant flowers in various shades like white, pink, yellow and red. These plants are often used to decorate gardens and balconies because they bloom profusely throughout the summer season. Four o’clock seeds are easy to store if you follow some basic guidelines.

Harvesting Four O’clock Seeds

To start storing your four o’clock seeds, you need to harvest them first. The best time for harvesting these seeds is when the plant’s blooms have faded away and the seed pods have started to dry out on their stems. You can identify ripe pods by inspecting them closely; they will be brown or tan in color with a papery texture.

Choosing Healthy Seed Pods

When choosing seedpods for storing four o’clock seeds make sure that they are fully grown and plump. In addition, avoid collecting those pods that show signs of insect infestation or damage from weather conditions such as rain or sleet.

Drying The Seed Pods

Once you’ve harvested healthy seedpods from your four o’clock plantings, it’s time to dry them so that the moisture content inside reduces drastically before storage. To do this:

– Spread out all of your collected seedpods on a sheet of newspaper.
– Allow them air-dry completely (for about two weeks) in an area where there’s low humidity.
– Check regularly if any mold starts forming on top – if so remove immediately.

Proper Storage Containers

Storage containers must not only be clean but also free from any moisture buildup or pests since these conditions can lead to formation of mold which could spoil stored four o’clocks’ seeds over time quickly

Airtight glass jars with rubber gaskets work well since they provide protection against moisture buildup and pests while also keeping seeds fresh. Alternatives to this include vacuum-sealed bags or containers made of plastic that are specifically designed for seed storage.

Storing Four O’clock Seeds

After the drying process is complete, store your four o’clock seeds in a cool and dry place where humidity levels are low. You can do this by placing them inside a paper envelope before putting them into an airtight container – this will help absorb any excess moisture, further reducing risk of mold formation over time.

Labeling Your Storage Containers

Label all storage containers clearly with relevant information such as the date you collected the four o’clock seeds, their color (if applicable) and any other details you might find useful later on when planting season begins again next spring.

In conclusion, storing four o’clock seeds is easy if done correctly; it requires careful harvesting after the blooms have faded away completely from each plant and air-drying until they reach full maturity before being placed inside clean, moisture-free containers like glass jars or vacuum-sealed bags that protect against pests/mold growth over extended periods. By following these simple guidelines above on how to store these perennial plants’ offspring properly, gardeners can ensure continued success year after year with minimal effort required beyond regular watering/fertilizing regimes necessary for growing healthy plants in general.

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