How to Properly Store Fresh Aloe

If you’re one of those people who love using fresh aloe vera as a natural remedy for skin irritations or to add some zest to your smoothies, then you know how important it is to properly store the leaves. Fresh aloe vera is packed with vitamins and minerals that can quickly deteriorate if not stored well. Here’s what you need to do:

Choose the Right Leaves

A good starting point is selecting high-quality aloe vera leaves. You want healthy-looking green leaves without any brown spots or signs of damage.

Ensure cleanliness

Wash your hands thoroughly before handling the plant, and make sure all utensils are clean.

Cut & Cleanse the Leaves Properly

Once you’ve picked out your fresh aloe vera leaves, it’s time to prepare them by cleaning them correctly.

Inspect Your Aloe Vera Leaf

Look over each leaf carefully for any discolouration, tears or other types of damage.

Cut off any damaged parts on the leaf

Using sharp scissors remove any browned parts at either end of every leaf- if these get left on they will cause spoilage rapidly

Rinse The Aloe Vera Leaf in Running Water

Rinse both sides of each leaf gently under running water only after trimming away discolored areas.

The Best Storage Method

The best method for storing fresh aloe vera is by placing each trimmed leaf into an air-tight plastic bag designed specifically for food storage, like Ziploc bags. This helps retain moisture while keeping air exposure minimal.

Avoid Freezing Aloe Vera Leaves.

It may seem logical to freeze Alovera gel since it extends its shelf life, but freezing aloe actually breaks down the cell walls of the gel and changes its consistency and texture into an unusable, watery mess.

Label The Bags

Proper labeling ensures you don’t forget how long the leaves have been in your fridge. Label each bag with today’s date so that it can be discarded if it remains unused for too long.

Refrigerate Your Aloe Vera Leaves

Place your labeled plastic bags containing trimmed & rinsed leaves inside the fridge and keep them at cool temperatures (about 40°F).

Make sure to use up all fresh aloe vera within two weeks after storing it in this manner before discarding any leftovers.

By following these simple guidelines on storing fresh aloe vera leaves, you’ll extend their shelf life considerably while ensuring they remain healthy enough to provide all of their beneficial nutrients. Enjoy!

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