Best Ways to Store Fresh Arugula for Longer Use

Arugula is a leafy green vegetable that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique flavor and high nutritional value. It contains vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium and iron. Arugula can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in various dishes. However, storing fresh arugula can be tricky since it is highly perishable.

Choosing Fresh Arugula

When buying arugula, choose leaves that are bright green with no wilted or yellowed parts. The stems should also be firm and not slimy or mushy to the touch.

Farmers’ Markets vs Grocery Stores

Buying fresh arugula from your local farmers’ market may provide you with fresher produce than those found in grocery stores because they are often picked on the same day of sale instead of being transported long distances before reaching store shelves.

Storing Fresh Arugula

The key to prolonging the freshness of your arugula lies in proper storage techniques. Follow these steps to make sure your arugula stays fresh for longer:

Rinse Your Arugua Thoroughly

To remove any dirt or debris from your freshly bought aragular leaves rinse them under cold running water thoroughly.

Dry Your Aragua Leaves Completely

After rinsing the leaves shake off any excess water then transfer them into a clean kitchen towel or paper towels wrap them around each other tightly so that all moisture dries out completely.

Store Your Dry Leaves In an Air-Tight Container with Paper Towels:

Put dry cleaned leaves inside an air-tight container by lining up some paper towels at bottom layer then put one layer of dried leaves above that again place another lined-up paper towel over the leaves of this layer then place another dried leaf layer above it. Repeat these steps until all the leaves are inside the container, Then seal the lid tightly and put it into your fridge.

Tips For Storing Fresh Arugula

Here are some additional tips for storing fresh arugula:

Avoid Washing Too Early:

Washing your arugula too early can cause moisture to accumulate and lead to spoilage. Wait until you’re ready to use your arugula before washing it.

Store in The Coldest Part of Your Refrigerator:

The cold temperature will help keep your arugula crisp and fresh for longer. Store in a breezy part of refrigerator like vegetable compartment or crisper drawer as they usually have high humidity levels that can provide extra hydration

Differentiate Between already washed vs unwashed:

When buying packaged arugula, differentiating between pre-washed and unwashed types is significant since pre-washed ones may contain preservatives which affect their shelf life span differently.
Always check with product labels to ensure their storage methods align with best practices mentioned above.

In conclusion, properly storing fresh aragular can make a difference between enjoying its freshness or throwing it away after only a couple days. Follow these simple guidelines shared in this post so you’ll be able to enjoy delicious salads and meals full of nutritious greens anytime!

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