The Best Ways to Store Fresh Ears of Corn for Maximum Freshness

Corn is a summertime favorite, whether you’re grilling it up on the barbecue or boiling it for a family dinner. However, storing fresh ears of corn can be challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks on how to store fresh ears of corn so that they stay as sweet and juicy as possible.

Choosing Fresh Ears of Corn

When shopping for corn, look for ears that have bright green husks and moist silk at the top. The kernels should also be plump and shiny. Avoid buying ears with dry or brown husks or ones that have been peeled back because they could be less flavorful.

Picking Out the Best Corn

If possible, try to buy your corn from local farmers’ markets rather than grocery stores because it will likely be fresher. Additionally, choose smaller ears of corn because larger ones tend to be tougher and less sweet.

How to Store Fresh Ears of Corn in Their Husk

One way to keep your fresh ears of corn sweet is by storing them in their husks until you’re ready to use them.

Step 1: Leave Them Alone!

Do not remove any part of the ear’s protective layer – leave it all intact!

Step 2: Keep Them Dry

Place your unshucked corn in a plastic bag (with holes) then put it into your refrigerator’s vegetable drawer where there is more humidity compareed otter levels

You can store whole cobs like this for about five days before they start losing flavor,

Note: Do not store raw potatoes nearby – potatoes give off gases which may accelerate spoilage!

To cook the stored cob: After removing its skin & hair-like strands, cook your corn immediately to lock in its fresh flavor.

How to Store Fresh Ears of Corn without Husks

If you’ve already removed the husks from your ears of corn, don’t worry – there are still ways to keep them fresh!

The Towel Method

Wrap a damp towel around the base (where it was recently cut) then store in an open plastic bag.

Note: Make sure that the towel is not dripping wet – if so, it can cause mold growth which will ruin your corn.

You should use this method for storing up to 3 days. As always, cook as soon as possible once taken out of storage.

The Freezing Method:

This method allows you to enjoy sweet and juicy corn even after weeks or months!

Clean and blanch your ears first before storing. You may opt for whole cobs or pre-sliced kernels stored inside zip-lock bags or freezer containers with labels and date mentioned on them. This way it becomes easier during future use!

When ready to eat frozen kernel: Do NOT thaw first – add frozen kernels directlyto boiling water with butter spread over them & let them boil until tender & chewy.

Closing Thoughts

Storing fresh ears of corn is easy; all you need are some tips and tricks! Follow our recommendations above based on whether or not they’re shucked when purchased. Regardless of how long you plan to store your corn, keeping it cold (but not too cold!) ensures maximum freshness upon cooking day arrival while maintaining their quality taste over time through proper refrigeration methods such as wrapping in towels or freezing altogether!

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