Tips for Properly Storing Fresh Garlic Bulbs

Garlic is an essential ingredient in most kitchens, adding flavor to so many dishes. However, fresh garlic bulbs can be tricky to store correctly. If stored incorrectly, they can spoil and even go bad before their time. With a few simple tips on how to store fresh garlic bulbs properly, you can enjoy this flavorful ingredient for longer.

Why Proper Storage of Garlic Matters

Fresh garlic bulbs are quite delicate compared to other vegetables and fruits. They require specific temperature and humidity conditions that need to be maintained throughout storage for them not only retain their flavor but also prevent rotting or sprouting.

If the temperature isn’t appropriate or too much moisture is present during storage, the bulb’s flesh will start breaking down prematurely resulting in mold or bacteria formation which renders it useless as food item.

The Ideal Conditions For Storing Fresh Garlic Bulbs.

To guarantee your fresh garlic bulbs remain delicious all through its season here are some basic pointers:

  • Away from sunlight
  • Cool temperatures between (60-65°F)
  • Dry Environment

There are different ways one could keep it safe; however, these ideal conditions must always be met.

Tips on How To Store Fresh Garlic Bulbs

Here are several easy yet effective methods:

Hanging Method:

  • Slice off any roots that may still hang out at the bottom part of your fresh garlic.
  • Tie rope/string onto each bulb’s stem and suspend them upside down.
  • You could use a paper bag with holes punched in them then place the suspended strings inside then tie securely
  • Hang it somewhere cool such as the pantry or cellar.
  • If done right with proper environment conditions ensured it could last well up to four months.

Clay Garlic Keeper:

  • The garlic cloves need to be kept dry, cool and away from sunlight.
  • A clay Garlic Keeper is perfect for this as it can keep moisture out while still allowing air circulation
  • To store in the keeper, first remove any excess dirt or debris that may be on your fresh garlic bulbs.
  • Place them inside the container and then secure the lid shut to maintain a constant environment of humidity between 60-65°F range.

Paper Bag Method:

  • Peel off any excess skin surrounding your garlic bulb and make sure it’s dry before storing.
  • Place several bulbs into a paper bag with small holes poked through to allow ventilation but not too much light.
  • Fold over the top portion of the paper bag twice so that it doesn’t open up spontaneously; place it somewhere dark at room temperature around (60-65°F) range for optimal storage conditions.


Fresh garlic is an essential kitchen ingredient that requires proper storage conditions to maintain its freshness, flavor and quality throughout its season.

By ensuring you follow some straightforward tips such as keeping them away from sunlight, maintaining dryness by using different methods mentioned above like hanging method or having a Clay Garlic Keeper or Paper Bag method could save all those delicious flavors intact until needed!

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