Effective Ways to Store Fresh Garlic from Your Garden

Garlic is a staple ingredient in almost every household. It adds flavor and aroma to any dish, making it an essential ingredient for many savory recipes. While you can easily purchase garlic at the grocery store, nothing beats using fresh garlic from your garden. Freshly harvested garlic bulbs are plump and juicy, with more potent flavors compared to store-bought ones.

However, storing fresh garlic can be tricky as it tends to spoil quickly if not stored properly. In this article, we’ll discuss some useful tips on how to store fresh garlic from the garden so that you can enjoy its incredible taste and health benefits for longer.

Harvesting Garlic

Before discussing how to store fresh garlic bulbs, let’s touch on harvesting them first. Harvest time varies depending on where you live but typically occurs between June and August when the leaves start turning yellow or brownish. You will know that they are ready when about one-third of the bottom leaves have died back.

When harvesting your plants, use a shovel or pitchfork gently pry up each plant without damaging the bulb underneath then bring it inside out of direct sunlight in temperatures around 70°F (21°C) until dry enough for storage.

Drying Your Garlic

After harvesting your freshly grown organic garlic from the garden carefully brush off any dirt or debris remaining on them; move them indoors after exposure outside has dried surface moisture away already gently removing excess debris with soft bristle brushes lightly sweeping over soil-covered areas before drying out further still by hanging up in bunches hung upside down – away from direct sunlight area (ideally somewhere with good air circulation).

Leave these bunches alone until their leafy tops become crispy browned marked whilst retaining healthy green base stems – approximately two weeks later – before preparing adequately stored space protection keeping individual cloves lasting freshness brightly colored exterior skins intact instead of fading during aging periods down below room temperature levels going bad quickly with proper storage procedures.

Storing Fresh Garlic

Now that you have properly harvested and dried your garlic, it’s time to store them correctly. The key is to minimize exposure to moisture, light, and heat as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to store fresh garlic is by placing them in a mesh bag or basket in a cool and dark place such as a pantry or cupboard. This method allows air circulation while keeping the bulbs away from direct sunlight, preventing mold growth.

Another popular technique for storing fresh garlic is by braiding the stems together into long strands. Not only does this create an attractive kitchen decoration, but it also allows for easy access to individual cloves without having to disturb the rest of the bunch. Plus, hanging braids can save space on your kitchen shelves.

Alternatively, you can freeze peeled garlic cloves or chop them up and store them in freezer bags. Frozen garlic tends to lose some of its texture after thawing but retains its flavor remarkably well- this method is perfect if you need minced or chopped garlic frequently.


Freshly harvested garden-grown organic garlic bulbs are flavorful additions that enhance any recipe’s savory taste profile; however spoiling easily when stored poorly –our tips will help prolong freshness enabling consumption over more extended periods whilst retaining desirable nutritional benefits too! Whether using mesh bags/baskets tucked away inside pantries/cupboards hung up creating attractive decorations braided together saving shelf space in kitchens/freezing techniques prepared beforehand – discover what works best within own home environment needs catering towards liking preferences today!

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