Simple Tips for Storing Fresh Scallions to Keep Them Crisp and Flavorful

Scallions are a versatile vegetable that can add flavor and texture to many dishes. They are also known as green onions, spring onions, or salad onions. Scallions tend to wilt quickly and lose their freshness after being cut or harvested from the garden. To maximize their shelf life, it’s important to know how to store fresh scallions correctly.

Selecting Fresh Scallions

The first step in storing fresh scallions is selecting them properly. Look for bright green leaves with no signs of yellowing or wilting. The bulbs should be firm and white with no soft spots or bruises.

How to Store Unwashed Scallions

If you have just picked your scallion from the garden or bought them unwashed from the store, there are few ways you can store them:

– Wrap: Take a damp paper towel and wrap around the untrimmed roots of your scallion bunches then enclose in plastic bags loosely tied at the top.
– Jar: Fill a jar with water about 1 inch high then place your untrimmed bundle into it upright like flowers vases.

Store either method in the fridge crisper drawer where they’ll last up to two weeks (with weekly changing of paper).

How To Store Cut Scallions

Cutting scallion causes deterioration faster than when left whole; it’s best served within 24 hours after trimming but if not possible here is how-to:

– Wrap Tightly: Use an absorbent paper towel inside a zipper bag before adding chopped/scliced raw green onion overtop
– Freeze Diced/ Sliced Onions – Seal diced/sliced pieces tightly using an air-tight container placed deep down into freezer space

These methods will keep cut-up scallion fresher longer for convenient use on-the-go later because thawed version may not be as fresh.

How to Use Leftover Scallions

If you have leftover scallions that are no longer fresh enough for eating raw, don’t throw them away. There are many uses for cooked or sautéed scallions in recipes such as stir-fries, soups and stews.

– Sautee: Medium heat pan with vegetable oil then add chopped up onions stirring until they become tender.
– Roast: Preheat oven to 350°F clean cut root ends off from green tops before tossing onion pieces into the oven-safe dish lightly coated by oil with preferred seasoning. Bake for ~20 minutes or until slightly golden brown.
– Make a Dip/Sauce: Combine finely chopped (raw) scallion bits with yogurt or sour cream along with seasonings of your choice for an easy dip/sauce ready-to-go!

Scallions can also be frozen when sliced/chopped after blanching in boiling water quickly then cooled using ice bath because this process helps retain flavor and avoid freezer burn.


Storing fresh scallions does not need to feel daunting anymore! By following these simple storage tricks outlined above, anyone can keep their green onions safe and deliciously fresh. From saving time on meal prep to creating new flavors in dishes, there’s so much potential out there waiting for those who know how best take care of thier veggies!

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