How to Store Frosted Cake Overnight: Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a delicious, freshly baked cake. However, sometimes life can get in the way and we may need to store our cakes overnight before serving them. But how do you ensure that your frosted cake stays fresh and doesn’t lose its flavor or texture? In this blog post, we’ll provide some tips on how to properly store a frosted cake overnight.

Choose the Right Container

The first step in storing your frosted cake overnight is selecting the right container. Airtight containers are ideal for keeping out oxygen and moisture which can cause the frosting to melt or become sticky. Additionally, make sure that your container is large enough to accommodate your cake without damaging it.

The Best Containers for Storing Frosted Cakes Overnight:

– Plastic Wrap: Use plastic wrap to tightly cover an unfrosted or partially frosted cake.
– Cake Dome: Consider investing in a dome-shaped container specifically designed for storing cakes.
– Tupperware Container: Look for square or rectangular Tupperware containers with locking lids.

Select the Ideal Storage Location

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate storage container, it’s time to find the best place in your home to keep it. The goal here is twofold; keeping air flow around minimum around the stored item while retaining ambient temperature conditions that won’t degrade either frosting nor batter quality.

Bear These Tips In Mind When Selecting Your Storage Space:

– Avoid placing any windows directly next to where you’ll be storing your baked goods since sunlight will hasten spoilage.
– Choose a cool room with controlled temperature between 65°F –72°F(18°C–22°C) , if possible
– Keep away from direct heat sources like ovens and stovetops as well as areas of high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens as both can cause the cake to become stale or soft.

Freezing Frosted Cakes for Overnight Storage

If you don’t have a container that’s big enough to store your frosted cake, another option is freezing it overnight. Freezing preserves freshness so that your cake tastes just as delicious when it’s time to serve it. Here are some tips for freezing frosted cakes:

The Best Way To Freeze Your Cake:

– Wrap the entire cake in plastic wrap.
– Secure with aluminum foil to prevent freezer burn.
– Place the wrapped cake into an airtight container.
– Label and date the container before placing it in the freezer.


Storing frosted cakes overnight doesn’t have to be complicated. With proper storage techniques, your baked goods will stay fresh and delicious until you’re ready to enjoy them. Remember – choose an appropriate container, find ideal storage space with temperature control away from direct sunlight or heat sources; optionally freeze if necessary but keep wrapping handy!

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