Best Ways to Store Fruits in Blox Fruits First Sea: Tips and Tricks

As the first season of Blox Fruits approaches, many players are wondering how to best store their fruits for longevity and strategic use. In this guide, we’ll explore some tips and tricks for fruit storage in Blox Fruits.

Understanding Fruit Types

Before diving into storage methods, it’s important to understand the different types of fruits in Blox Fruits. Each type has unique abilities and power levels that can greatly impact your gameplay strategy.


Paramecia fruits grant users special abilities such as stretching body parts or creating shockwaves. They range from weak to strong depending on the specific fruit.


Zoan fruits allow users to transform into animals or hybrid forms of animals and humans. These also vary in strength based on individual fruits.


Logia fruits provide elemental powers like fire or smoke manipulation that make users nearly invulnerable when using their element. Logias are generally considered stronger than other types due to this defensive ability.

Knowing which type(s) of fruit you possess will help determine appropriate storage methods based on each fruit’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

Choosing Storage Containers

When selecting a container for your precious fruits, there are several factors to consider:

– Material: Look for containers made with materials such as plastic or glass that won’t react chemically with the fruit.
– Size: Choose a size large enough to comfortably hold your largest fruit but not so big that it takes up too much inventory space.
– Sealability: Ensure lids fit tightly over containers so air cannot enter, keeping your fruity goodness fresh longer!

Commonly used containers include mason jars (for smaller collections), Tupperware-type plastic containers (for larger amounts), and vacuum-sealed bags (for maximum freshness).

It’s also worth noting here that certain fruits require specific storage conditions to maintain their potency.

Devil Fruits

Devil fruits can lose their power if exposed to seawater or intense heat. Keep them in airtight containers away from water and extreme temperatures.

Legendary Fruits

Legendary fruits are especially rare and powerful, but they come with a catch – they cannot be stored for long periods of time without losing strength. It’s best to use these as soon as possible after acquiring them instead of risking decay in storage.

Organizing Your Collection

Now that you have determined the appropriate container(s) for your fruit collection, it’s time to get organized! Here are some tips for keeping tabs on all those delicious orbs:

– Labeling: Use sticky notes or tape labels on each container indicating what type of fruit is inside.
– Sorting: Group similar types together (such as Paramecias) to make locating specific powers easier during gameplay.
– Indexing: Create a physical or digital reference system (like an Excel spreadsheet) listing each fruit you own and its location/container. This will save precious time when searching for the perfect skill mid-battle!

When organizing your collection, take care not to accidentally combine two different types of fruits as this could lead to unwanted effects. For instance, mixing two Zoan-type fruits may cause unpredictable transformations!


In conclusion, proper fruit storage in Blox Fruits is key to maximizing your gameplay potential. By selecting the right containers based on material, size and sealability; understanding individual requirements; organizing effectively through labelling, sorting and indexing – you’ll be well prepared for whatever challenges lie ahead! So go forth with confidence knowing that your fruity stash is safely tucked away until needed most

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