The Ultimate Guide to Storing Fruits in Blox Fruits

Fruits are a vital part of our daily diet, providing essential nutrients that keep us healthy and energetic. Blox Fruits is a popular online game where players explore an exciting world filled with unique islands and deadly enemies. However, one aspect of the game that many players struggle with is storing fruits effectively. In this blog post, we will provide you with practical tips on how to store fruits in Blox Fruits so that your adventures can be more enjoyable.

Understanding Fruit Storage

In Blox Fruits, each fruit has a specific value that determines its worth in-game currency or experience points. Therefore, it is crucial to store them properly to avoid losing their value due to spoilage or theft by other players.

Choosing the Right Storage Container

The first step in fruit storage is choosing the right container. You have two options: backpacks or treasure chests.

Backpacks are convenient because they allow you to carry your fruits wherever you go easily. However, they have limited space and can only hold up to five different types of fruits at once.

On the other hand, treasure chests offer more storage space but cannot be carried around like backpacks. Besides storing fruits safely from thieves’ sight who can see your stored items if not hidden; hence there’s no guarantee against theft without hiding it deep within Chest Island caves where most robbers don’t go for fear of being killed by powerful NPC pirates on duty patrolling there.

Organizing Your Fruits Efficiently

Once you have chosen your preferred storage option, it’s time to start organizing your fruits efficiently:

1) Sort them according to their rarity levels – Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Epic (purple), Legendary (yellow)

2) Store similar types together – All Devil Fruits should be stored together, similarly for Zoan Fruits.

3) Place rare fruits at the bottom layer of your storage container to minimize theft

Maintaining Fruit Quality

Storing fruits safely is not enough; you also need to maintain their quality by following these tips:

Keep Your Storage Container Dry and Cool

Fruits are sensitive to moisture and heat, which can cause them to spoil quickly. Therefore, make sure that your storage container is dry and cool to prevent mold growth or decay.

Avoid Overpacking Your Storage Container

Overpacking your storage container can squeeze and damage fragile fruits like Gomu-Gomu no Mi. Thus it’s better to keep a few spaces empty between each fruit type while organizing them according to rarity levels.


Storing fruits in Blox Fruits requires careful planning and organization skills. By choosing the right storage option, sorting similar types together, placing rare ones at the bottom layer of containers alongside keeping them dry, avoiding over-packing will ensure that they remain fresh and valuable for as long as possible – extending their lifetime in-game currency value much more than before!

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