Tips on Properly Storing Your Funko Pop Boxes for Longevity

Funko Pops are some of the most popular pop culture figures on the market today. They come in a variety of characters, from TV shows to movies and even video games. Funko Pop collectors know that keeping their boxes is important to maintain the value of their collection. So, how do you store your Funko Pop boxes properly? In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to safely store your Funko Pop boxes.

Tip #1: Keep Your Boxes Intact

One of the most essential things you can do when storing your Funko Pop boxes is making sure they remain intact. The best method for keeping them safe is by using a storage container or shelf that has enough space for each box without crushing them together or causing damage.

Avoiding Damage with Bubble Wrap

You can also take extra precautions by wrapping each box in bubble wrap or other protective materials before placing them into larger containers for storage.

Organize Your Collection

Another helpful tip is organizing your collection so that it’s easier to find specific figures. Use dividers or labels to separate different series’ and make it easy reference at a glance which ones belong where.

Tip #2: Consider Temperature Control

The temperature around your stored Funkos should be regulated – too hot temperatures will warp plastic while cold weather risks cracking sleeves over time. Find an area with consistent mild temperatures between 60-70°F year-round which could be inside closets, garages away from direct sunlight or anywhere else not prone to large fluctuations as much as possible

Climate-Controlled Storage Spaces

If you live somewhere particularly warm/cold like Florida where summer heat may exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (as well as high humidity), investing in climate-controlled spaces, such as storage facilities that regulate temperature and humidity, may be worth considering for longer term storage.

Tip #3: Avoid Dust Buildup

Dust buildup can occur quickly when items are stored in one place for an extended period. It’s important to clean regularly to prevent dust from getting onto your Funko Pop boxes, which could cause discoloration or damage over time.

A Clean Storage Container

Make sure the container you use is well sealed and free of cracks so dust doesn’t seep through. Use airtight bins or even clear plastic bags that seal tight at the top before placing them in any larger containers with dividers separating groups by type/series etc

Cleaning Techniques

There are many ways to clean your Funko Pop boxes, but it’s best not to use water unless absolutely necessary (if there is staining). Instead using compressed air cans every few months will help keep them looking fresh.


In conclusion, keeping your Funko Pop boxes intact and safe requires some careful planning while storing them properly at home does not have to be expensive nor difficult. Remember these tips:

– Keep Your Boxes Intact
– Consider Temperature Control
– Avoid Dust Buildup

By following these simple steps: wrapping each box individually inside high-quality bubble wrap material / storing 60°F -70°F climate-controlled spaces / cleaning regularly you can ensure this coveted collection stays in good condition over time. With the right strategy mix of care & prevention measures explained above combined with correct long-term maintenance techniques like deep cleaning periodically before resealing containers should preserve those figures intact for many years into future enjoyment!