Effective Ways to Store Fur Coats at Home

Fur coats are usually very expensive and luxurious pieces of clothing that need to be well taken care of in order to maintain their quality. Proper storage is a key factor in keeping fur coats in excellent condition, especially during long periods when they’re not being used. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing how to store fur coats at home.

Choose the Right Storage Area

When storing your fur coat at home, it’s important to choose an appropriate area where it won’t be exposed to heat or moisture. The ideal location should be cool, dry and dark with good ventilation. Avoid areas near windows, doors or attics as they can expose your fur coat to sunlight or potential dampness.

Clean Your Fur Coat Before Storage

Before you store your fur coat away for an extended period of time, make sure you clean it first by taking it to a professional cleaner who specializes in furs. This way any dirt, dust or stains will be removed from the fabric before storage which could help prevent permanent damage especially if left uncleaned.

Investing In A Good Quality Garment Bag

Investing in a high-quality garment bag for your fur coat is crucial as these bags are specially designed for storing furs. You can find them online on Amazon or other stores that sell luxury goods bags like Nordstroms etc., These bags have properties such as breathability and insulation that keep out light while allowing air flow so the fabric doesn’t dry out too much during long term storage

Fold Or Hang?

Now that you’ve invested in a good quality garment bag specifically meant for furs its time decide whether you want fold our hang the coat inside this bag

The Hanging Method

If space permits hanging would definitely be preferred method since it minimizes wrinkles and prevents the fur from getting crushed, however make sure to use a sturdy broad-shouldered hanger that will evenly distribute weight of the coat.(you don’t want any sagging or stretching)

The Folding Method

If hanging isn’t an option for you, folding your fur coat is still a viable choice as long as its done correctly. For best results try to fold along the seams of the garment so it maintains its original shape. Ensure that you avoid sharp creases which could cause damage to delicate furs.


In conclusion, storing your fur coats at home requires proper care and attention in order to maintain their quality over time. Choose an appropriate storage area, clean your coat before putting it away and invest in good quality garment bags specifically meant for furs if possible.
Remember to hang or fold method should be chosen based on factors such as space constraints or personal preference. Proper storage of fur coats can prolong their lifespan making them worth every penny spent. Stay fashionable & stay responsible!

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