Effective Methods for Storing Your Garden Hose

The Importance of Proper Garden Hose Storage

Garden hoses are an essential tool for any homeowner who takes pride in their yard. They make watering plants, washing cars, and cleaning outdoor surfaces a breeze. However, once you’re done using your garden hose, it’s important to store it properly. If left out in the open or coiled up haphazardly, garden hoses can become damaged from exposure to weather conditions and can even create tripping hazards.

Here are some tips on how to properly store your garden hose:

Choose the Right Hose Reel

Investing in a good quality hose reel is one of the best ways to keep your garden hose organized and off the ground. A reel will prevent tangling or kinking that can lead to wear and tear over time.

When choosing a reel make sure it’s made with durable materials that won’t rust or corrode due to exposure to harsh weather elements.

Purchase a Hose Pot

A hose pot is another great storage option if you want something more decorative than a standard plastic reel. You can find them in various sizes and designs ranging from simple ceramic pots to ornate metal stands.

Keep in mind though; you’ll need somewhere convenient nearby where you can easily connect it when needed because they’re usually stationary objects rather than being mobile like reels.

Clean Your Garden Hose Before Storing It

It’s always best practice always clean your garden hose before storing it away for an extended period – especially if there was anything unsanitary on its surface while using! Use warm soapy water along with maybe vinegar solution as well rinse thoroughly afterward before putting away into storage!

Cleaning also gives you an opportunity to inspect for any damages such as holes which could cause leaks later down the line after prolonged use without inspection/repair.

Store Your Garden Hose Properly

Make sure your garden hose is completely dry before storing. Otherwise, it could lead to mold growth and a funky smell that’s not easy to get rid of.

After cleaning and drying your garden hose properly, either wrap it around the reel or coil it into loops on the ground.

If you coiled them on the ground, make sure to stack them neatly; otherwise, they’ll occupy a large space and create tripping hazards.


Proper storage of your garden hose will increase its lifespan and save you from unnecessary repairs or replacement costs. Choose a suitable storage option that works for you based on factors like convenience, style preferences, budget etc., clean thoroughly after usage before putting away into storage every time! Remember always keep safety in mind when handling long outdoor tools like hoses due risk tripping hazard injuries can occur if precautions aren’t taken.

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