The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Gas Cans Outdoors

If you have a gas-powered lawnmower or generator, you know that storing gasoline is an essential part of keeping your equipment running smoothly. However, storing gas cans outside can be hazardous if proper precautions are not taken. In this blog post, we will provide tips for safely and effectively storing gas cans outside.

Choose the Right Gas Can

When choosing a gas can to store outside, it’s important to select one that is designed specifically for outdoor use. Look for cans with high-density polyethylene construction as they offer superior durability and resistance to impact and weather conditions.

1.5-Gallon Gas Can by No-Spill

One example of a suitable outdoor use gas can is the 1.5-gallon fuel container from No-Spill. This model features thumb button control precision spout which offers improved accuracy when pouring gasoline into tanks without any spills or drips.

Select Proper Storage Location

Once you’ve selected an appropriate container, the next step is selecting an ideal storage location away from direct sunlight heat sources, flames or sparks which could cause ignition hazards.

Away From Buildings and Trees

It’s important to keep your stored gasoline at least 50 feet away from buildings and trees as fuel vapors can ignite easily in enclosed spaces.

In Ventilated Areas Only

Gasoline should only be stored in well-ventilated areas where fresh air can circulate freely evenly around containers as breathing fumes may cause health issues over prolonged periods of exposure

Prevent Spills And Leaks

Proper handling during filling up your containers with petrol reduces spillage risk saving money on wasted fuel while reducing environmental pollution risks caused by leakage after storage

Filling Procedures

When refilling your containers using a funnel helps prevent splashing out on the ground. Fill your gasoline containers slowly and avoid overfilling as this leads to spillage risks.

Check for Leaks

It’s also essential that you check your gasoline tanks regularly for leaks or damage, and replace any damaged or leaky containers immediately to prevent a hazardous situation from occurring.

Store Gasoline Separately

When storing multiple fuel cans outside, it’s important to keep them apart from other chemicals and flammable liquids by storing them in separate locations if possible

Avoid Storing Inside Vehicles

Never store gas canisters inside vehicles like trunks as they are not designed with safety features needed to prevent ignition of fumes within enclosed spaces.

In conclusion, safely storing gas cans outside requires selecting an appropriate container with high-density polyethylene construction design specifically made for outdoor use. You should then choose a proper storage location away from heat sources including flames and sparks. Additionally, handle the containers carefully during filling procedures while checking frequently for leaks or damages before deciding on whether replacement is necessary. Lastly, It’s advisable never to store petrol along with other chemicals or flammable liquids in confined spaces such as car boots where ingestion may lead to catastrophic consequences. By following these tips and guidelines, you’ll be able to safely store your gasoline outside without putting yourself at risk of danger or harm caused by hazardous exposure factors associated with improper handling practices.

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