The Best Ways to Store Gel Balls for Optimal Usage and Longevity

Gel balls are small and round water-absorbing beads that are used in airsoft guns or blasters. They are made from a super absorbent polymer which expands when soaked in water.

Storing gel balls can be tricky but there are few simple steps that you can follow to ensure they remain fresh and ready for action when needed.

Step 1: Keep them dry

The first rule of storing gel balls is to make sure they stay dry at all times. Moisture can cause the gel balls to break down faster than usual, rendering them useless before their time. It also makes them more prone to mold growth which can have harmful effects on your health when exposed for too long.

Make sure you store your gel balls in an area where there is no water or moisture present. A good place would be inside a sealed container like an airtight jar with silica packets placed inside the container as well.

Use Desiccant Packs

Desiccant packs contain materials such as silica gels or clay that absorb moisture from the surrounding environment, making it an excellent option for keeping storage containers completely free of excess humidity while extending shelf life longer term

Avoid humid environments

To avoid any potential damage caused by condensation, its best not storing your gel balls near sources of moisture such as bathrooms or outside under direct sunlight since high temperatures may cause these spheres become dehydrated

Step 2: Store in cool temperature

Gel Balls must be kept away from heat if possible – try avoiding areas like attics or basements where temperatures might rise significantly throughout warm months especially during summer seasons

It’s recommended not exceeding above room temperature range between (68°F–77°F) as this can cause the molecular structure of gel balls to break down quickly, resulting in substandard performance.

Use a Refrigerator

If you have space available inside your refrigerator, consider storing them there. The cool temperature will help keep your gel balls from drying out too quickly and prevent damage from hot temperatures during summer months.
Before putting them into the fridge wrap up bag of gel balls with paper towel so that moisture does not enter it

Consider using an air-conditioned area

Not everyone has access to a refrigerator, but keeping gel ball containers in air-conditioned spaces prevents exposure to extreme heat or humidity levels – making it another viable option if wanting better product life expectancy

Step 3: Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is one of the main causes for rapid breakdown of Gel Balls since UV rays deteriorate their physical properties over time. Extended exposure could cause these spheres dry out and lose elasticity leading to less performance in blasters.

Store your containers in shaded areas around house or indoors where they cannot get any direct sunlight at all costs if possible.


Storing your Gel Balls properly ensures long-lasting quality and optimal performance when needed most. Make sure you follow each step outlined above carefully before deciding on which storage method works best for you!

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