Storing Gladiolus Bulbs: Winter Care Tips and Techniques

If you’re a gardener or simply enjoy having fresh flowers around your home, then you may be familiar with gladiolus bulbs. These beautiful blooms come in an array of colors and can add a burst of color to any garden or vase arrangement. However, if you live in an area that experiences colder temperatures during the winter months, it’s important to properly store your gladiolus bulbs so they can survive until spring. In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps on how to store gladiolus bulbs for the winter.

Harvesting Gladiolus Bulbs

Before storing your gladiolus bulbs for the winter, it’s important to properly harvest them from the ground. This should typically be done once all of the foliage has died back but before too much frost sets in. To do this:

Dig up The Gladioli

With a spade or forked trowel gently dig up each corm (the bulb-like structure) taking care not to damage them.

Clean Them Off

Once all of your corms are out of the soil remove any excess soil still attached by shaking off carefully.

Curing Gladiolus Bulbs

After harvesting your gladiolus bulbs, it’s important to let them cure before storing them away for winter.

Dry Them Out

Spread out newspapers on work surface.

Lay down freshly harvested undamaged corms onto newspaper sheets.

Leave exposed away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators etc

Keep some space between each bulb so there is good airflow around all sides

This curing process usually takes about two weeks and will allow any excess moisture on the exterior layers of your corms dry out naturally.

Storage Methods for Gladiolus Bulbs

After your corms have been cured, it’s time to store them away for the winter months.

Place Them in Paper Bags

Once fully dried out, place each bulb into a paper bag.

Label The Bags

Take care to label the bags with a marker or pen so you know which bulbs are which color and variety when it comes time to plant come spring.

Cool And Dry Storage Location

The ideal storage location should be cool (between 35-45°F) and dry with good air circulation not damp (as this may cause rot). A garage or basement can be suitable but if possible avoid areas that have high humidity levels such as crawl spaces etc.

Tips for Storing Gladiolus Bulbs

Now that you know how to properly store gladiolus bulbs for the winter, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

Maintain Cool Temperatures

Keep a check on temperature during winter periodically through use of thermometer. Ensure they do not thaw prematurely due heat sources like heating systems .

Avoid Moisture Exposure

Moisture is one of the biggest threats to storing corms successfully overwinter . Keep an eye on any signs of moisture build-up inside bags and remove/replace affected ones immediately.

With these tips and our step-by-step guide on how to store gladiolus bulbs for the winter, you’ll be able enjoy these beautiful blooms year after year!

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