The Ultimate Guide to Storing Fresh Green Onion

Green onions, also known as scallions or spring onions, are a versatile vegetable that can add flavor and texture to many different dishes. However, if you don’t store them properly, they can quickly wilt and lose their freshness. In this blog post, we’ll cover some tips on how to store green onions so that they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Choose Fresh Green Onions

The first step in storing green onions is to choose the freshest ones possible. Look for bright green leaves with no signs of wilting or yellowing. The bulbs should be firm and white without any soft spots.

Where to Buy Fresh Green Onions?

Finding fresh green onions depends on where you live. If you have access to farmers’ markets or specialty stores that sell produce directly from local farms, these are great places to look for fresh produce. You may also find freshly harvested scallions at your local supermarket during peak season.

Pick Your Own Green Onions

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a small patch of land where you can grow vegetables yourself, picking your own scallions is an excellent option. Picking them right before using them ensures their ultimate freshness!

Clean Them Before Storing

Before storing your green onion, it’s essential to clean them thoroughly first by washing in cold water and drying completely with paper towels.

Drying after Washing the Scallion Bulbs:

Be sure not only dry off the leaves but also pat down each bulb individually since moisture can settle around the base which is one of the reasons why it breaks down faster.

Cut Off Tips & Roots

After cleaning off debris from soil residues on root ends along with trimming browned leaf tips will ensure the vegetable rot or wilt minimally.

How To Store Green Onions

Once your green onions are cleaned and dried, there are several ways to store them:

In Water:

Place trimmed scallion bulbs in a jar with fresh water that should cover at least an inch. Cover the top of the jar with a plastic bag and secure it using rubber bands. Change out water every day to keep fresh, ensuring its longevity!

In Plastic Bags:

Store green onions in sealed plastic bags. Make sure they’re completely dry before packing into bags since any moisture will expedite mold growth.


By following these simple steps on how to store green onions, you can enjoy their taste and texture for much longer! It’s important to remember that when storing any produce item, proper handling is crucial as it ensures less food waste and saves money in the long run. So go ahead and stock up on those scallions – they’ll now last much longer than you anticipated!

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