The Best Ways to Store Haakaa Milk for Maximum Freshness and Quality

Welcome to another exciting blog post on breast milk storage. Today, we are going to dive into the topic of storing haakaa milk. Haakaa is a brand that produces silicone manual breast pumps that allow nursing mothers to collect and store their milk easily.

Why Store Haakaa Milk?

Haakaa pump is ideal for collecting excess milk while breastfeeding or pumping on one breast as it can create suction without the need for power sources like electricity or batteries. Storing haakaa milk can come in handy for various reasons such as:

– Freeing up time: You may have collected more than needed during your breastfeeding/pumping session and decide to store some away.
– Emergency situations: It could be because you will not be able to produce enough milk due to an illness or absence from work/ home.
– Convenience: If you are returning back to work, traveling, or separated from your baby for long hours.

Now let’s discuss how you can properly store haakaa milk.

Storing Haakaa Milk

Clean Hands & Equipment Before Collecting Milk

Before expressing with your haaka pump, ensure that both your hands and equipment are clean. Wash them thoroughly using soap and water before use.

Select A Storage Container For Your Milk

Choose an appropriate container of good quality material like glass bottles or plastic bags specially designed for breastmilk storage. Be sure they are safe, sterile and don’t leach chemicals into the stored liquid.

Be mindful when selecting a bag option; double-check if it is compatible with freezing (if required), check the capacity/volume written on them so you don’t overfill beyond the recommended volume limit per bag/container

Also consider labeling each container/bag with dates so that they can be used following FIFO (first-in, first-out).

Collect & Store Milk Properly

Haakaa pumps are perfect for collecting milk quickly and without any fuss. Once you have collected the milk, store it immediately. Leaving it out at room temperature for too long can increase bacterial growth.

When storing haakaa milk, ensure that you don’t mix fresh milk with previously stored ones in the same container as this might cause variations in quality and hygiene levels of your stored liquid.

If desired quantity is not enough to fill a bottle or bag, chill it first and add more later when available before freezing (if required). Allow some headroom so that expansion doesn’t damage containers during freezing process

Storage Temperatures & Time Limit

Place your properly labeled container/bag containing the breastmilk into a refrigerator or freezer. Freshly expressed breastmilk can be left at room temperature for up to four hours if kept clean conditions; otherwise refrigerate within two hours.

Refrigerated breast milk must be used within 4 days maximum while frozen ones can last indefinitely (up to six months) only if kept at -18°C but recommended storage time ranges from two weeks to three months depending on sources consulted.

Avoid using microwaves as they destroy vital nutrients present in human milk during defrosting/reheating process; prefer warm water baths instead if warming is necessary


Storing haakaa milk is easy once you follow these simple guidelines: cleanliness of hands/equipment, appropriate storage containers selection based on quality standards/generic requirements such as compatibility with freezers/holding capacity/volume limits etc.; proper labeling; avoiding mixing freshly expressed liquids with old one(s); timely placement of appropriate storage temperatures according recommended time frames (refrigeration/freezing) &, most importantly – avoid using microwaves!

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