Effective Ways to Store Your Hair Tools at Home

Owning hair tools is a great investment for any person who loves to take care of their hair. They make your daily routine quicker and easier, but the question arises, how do you store them? Most people end up tossing them in a drawer or cabinet, leading to tangled cords and damaged tools which can be frustrating. Fear not! We have got you covered with some tips on how to store your hair tools appropriately.

Tip #1: Clean before Storing

Cleaning your hair tools before storing them is essential as they accumulate build-up over time from product use. Wipe down the barrels of curling irons and straighteners with rubbing alcohol or shampoo solution using a clean cloth. For combs and brushes, remove all loose hairs by running it through water first then washing with soap.

Additional tip:

Ensure that your styling tool has cooled completely after use; otherwise, moisture may cause rusting or other damage when stored away.

Tip #2: Store Separately

Storing each device separately ensures efficiency by avoiding tangles between cords while preventing damages caused by bumping into each other. You can buy organizers specifically designed for hairstyling tools online or at home improvement stores that have enough space to keep every item separated.

Additional tip:

If you don’t want an organizer, there are DIY options like using PVC pipes mounted on the wall for storage – just cut appropriate sizes according to your needs!

Tip #3: Keep Out of Reach from Children/pets

Keeping hot appliances out of reach of children and pets should always come first when considering where to store items such as flat irons and curlers because they pose danger if touched accidentally while still hot during or after usage. The best place would be high up shelves/cabinets or inside locked drawers away from their reach.

Additional tip:

Consider using a cord cover to keep cords organized and out of children’s sight, preventing them from playing with cords that may lead to accidents.

Tip #4: Cool Storage

Curling irons, straighteners, and hairdryers all produce heat while in use. To avoid damage caused by high temperatures even after usage when stored away, use designated storage solutions that allow good ventilation and temperature regulation like open wire racks or airy baskets.

Additional tip:

You can also store your tools outside the bathroom as humidity levels can affect the functioning of electrical gadgets leading to rusting over time.


In conclusion, storing hair tools is essential for maintaining their longevity. It’s important to take care of them so they don’t get damaged easily. Make sure you follow our tips on how best to store your hairstyling appliances so that they remain in excellent condition for longer! With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to keep your hair styling tools safe and sound – no more tangled cords or broken devices!

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