How to Properly Store Half an Onion: Tips and Tricks

Onions are a staple in many recipes, but often times we only need to use half an onion. So what do you do with the other half? Throwing it away seems wasteful, and leaving it uncovered in the fridge can lead to spoilage and unpleasant odors. In this blog post, we’ll explore different methods on how to store half onions properly.

The Importance of Proper Onion Storage

Before diving into the different storage methods, it’s important to understand why proper onion storage is crucial. Onions are notorious for absorbing moisture and odor from their surroundings. This makes them prone to spoiling quickly if not stored correctly.

When storing onions, it’s essential that they are kept dry and protected from any air or moisture. This will help keep them fresh for as long as possible.

How Not To Store Half Onions:

It’s worth mentioning some of the most common mistakes people make while storing onions:

1) Storing cut onions at room temperature – this method promotes bacterial growth which causes spoilage.

2) Covering cut onions with plastic wrap – this traps moisture inside which leads to faster spoilage and off-flavors

3) Simply wrapping up unused halves in foil or plastic wrap – these materials have poor breathability leading again to excess moisture buildup.

Storage Methods For Half Onions

Airtight Containers:

One option for storing half onions is placing them in an airtight container. Make sure the container has tight-fitting lids that will prevent any air from entering inside. Placing the onion face down (cut side pointing downwards), then covering tightly before putting your container on your fridge shelf helps maintain freshness by keeping out all external influences including smells that may affect quality over time.

Note: Never stack anything heavy on top of your container since the weight could crush and bruise your onions.

Ziplock Bags:

Another great way to store half onions is in a Ziplock bag. Cut your onion into small pieces if you prefer, put them inside the bag, seal it tight squeezing out any air then store it on a flat surface in your fridge. This method allows for easy access and helps keep the onion dry while also preventing other foods from being affected by its odor.

Glass Containers:

Glass containers are another option for storing half onions. They come with an airtight lid that seals tightly, making sure no air or moisture can get in and spoil the onion’s freshness. Glass containers have several benefits over plastic alternatives: they are more durable than plastics so less likely to crack or break; glass doesn’t absorb odors like some plastic does – therefore preserving quality better over time.


Storing half an Onion properly is important to maintain its freshness as well as avoid unpleasant odors that may affect other foods stored nearby. The three storage methods outlined above (airtight containers, zip lock bags & glass jars) all work well at keeping cut onions fresh until you’re ready to use them again for cooking purposes. Avoid common mistakes such as using foil wrap or leaving cut onions at room temperature which will cause quicker spoilage of your precious produce!

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