Simple and Effective Ways to Store Hangers in Your Closet

Hangers are an essential item in any closet, but they can quickly become a disorganized mess if not properly stored. In this blog post, we’ll explore some creative and practical ways to store hangers that will help keep your closet neat and organized.

Use a Hanger Rack

One of the easiest ways to store hangers is by using a dedicated hanger rack. These racks come in various sizes and styles; some hang over the door or mount directly onto the wall. You can easily find one that matches your decor style and fits into your space.

Over-the-Door Hanger Racks

Over-the-door hanger racks are an excellent option for small spaces, dorm rooms, or apartments. They are easy to install without drilling holes on walls or doors. Simply hook them over the top of your door frame, and you have an instant storage solution for all your extra hangers.

Wall-mounted Hanger Racks

If you have more room available in your closet or bedroom, consider investing in a wall-mounted hanger rack. These racks usually come with several hooks that allow you to store multiple types of hangers conveniently. Wall-mounted racks make it easier than ever to grab exactly what you need when getting dressed each day.

Hanging Basket Storage

Another innovative way to store hangers is by adding hanging baskets into your closet’s design plan! These baskets hang from rods installed inside the closet and offer plenty of space for storing excess clothing items like sweaters, purses, shoes – whatever might be cluttering up valuable floor space!

Selecting Your Baskets

Choose hanging baskets made from sturdy materials like metal wire mesh so they won’t sag under heavy loads as well as providing good air circulation between garments inside them.

You want to select baskets that are shallow enough so they won’t require too much space, but deep enough to hold all sorts of hangers. Look for baskets that have a flat bottom so they can sit securely on the rod.

Use Drawer Dividers

If you’re short on closet space or would rather store your hangers in drawers, consider using drawer dividers. Drawer dividers help keep things organized and easily accessible while keeping everything neat and tidy.

Selecting Your Drawers

Choose shallow drawers as opposed to high-sided ones when selecting a drawer for storing clothes hangers. This will make it easier to view your hanging items from above without having to pull them out of the drawer first.

Selecting Your Divider Inserts

Divider inserts come in various shapes and sizes; some are adjustable, while others are made for specific types of clothing like belts or ties. To store hangers effectively in a divider insert, choose one with slots specifically designed for holding multiple styles of hangers at once.


No matter how big or small your closet may be, there is always an efficient way available to organize your clothes’ hanging items! Whether you opt for over-the-door racks, wall-mounted options – even getting creative with hanging basket storage systems – don’t let this essential item clutter up any more precious space inside your home! Use these tips today and discover just how easy it can be getting dressed each day when everything has its place!

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