The Ultimate Guide on Properly Storing Hats and Gloves

If you live in a region that experiences cold weather, hats and gloves are essential items to keep yourself warm. However, storing these winter accessories can be tricky as they take up space and can easily get misplaced. In this blog post, we will share some tips on how to store hats and gloves effectively so that they remain organized and easy to find.

Dedicate a Storage Space

The first step towards efficient hat and glove storage is dedicating a specific area for them. This could be a closet shelf or an entryway table with baskets underneath. By designating such spaces for your winter gear, you will always know where to look when you need them.

Use Baskets or Cubbies

Baskets or cubbies are ideal storage solutions for keeping hats and gloves organized while also making them easy to access. You can use wicker baskets with handles or fabric cubbies that hang off the back of doors for this purpose. Consider labelling each basket/cubby by family member name so everyone knows which one belongs to whom.

Hang Them Up

Hanging your hats and gloves is another way of keeping them organized in small space areas like closets or mudrooms. You can install hooks on walls near the entrance door where it’s convenient to grab them on your way out without causing any clutter around the home.

Clean Your Winter Accessories Before Storing Them Away

Before packing away all those winter essentials, make sure they’re clean by washing (if possible) according to their care instructions labels before putting them into storage containers.

Clean items don’t attract dirt/dust mites during long-term storage; therefore ensuring they last longer than if stored dirty/uncleaned

Air Dry Completely Before Putting Away>

It’s important that after cleaning/washing your hats and gloves, you give them enough time to air dry completely. Air drying without heat helps retain the shape of hats/gloves while preventing any mildew or moisture from developing inside.

Store in airtight bags/containers

To keep out dust/moisture/dirt, store your winter accessories in an airtight container/bag before placing them where they’re meant to be stored. Zippered plastic bags work well for this purpose or clear storage boxes that can easily stack up on top of each other.

Add Some Fragrance Sachets

It might also be worth considering adding some scented sachets placed inside the containers/bags with hats and gloves which will keep them smelling fresh over long periods while helping repel insects as well!


In conclusion, storing hats and gloves is easy once you have designated spaces for them. Remember always to clean items before storing because it could affect their longevity if not done correctly. With these tips, we hope that you’ll be able to store your winter accessories effectively without worrying about cluttering too much space around your home!

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