The Ultimate Guide to Properly Storing Herbs for Optimal Freshness and Flavor

Herbs are a great way to add flavor and nutrition to your meals. They not only enhance the taste of food but also provide numerous health benefits. However, storing herbs can be tricky, as they tend to wilt or lose their potency quickly if not stored properly. In this blog post, we will discuss some effective methods on how to store herbs and prolong their shelf life.

Storing Fresh Herbs

Fresh herbs have a short shelf life and need proper storage techniques that maintain their freshness and aroma. Here are some ways you can store fresh herbs:

In water:

One way to keep fresh herbs is by placing them in a jar or glass filled with water like flowers in a vase. Make sure you trim the stems before placing them into the water jar, so they don’t touch the bottom of the container. This method keeps most herbs fresh for about seven days.

In plastic bags:

Another simple option is using plastic bags; wrap clean dry herb sprigs loosely using paper towels inside plastic bags sealed tightly using an elastic band then refrigerate up-to 10 days

Fruit/Vegetable Method:

Some fruits/vegetables emit natural gases capable of slowing down spoilage rate (ethylene gas). You can use it by wrapping your bundle(s) into damp paper towel put all that into perforated-freezer bag together with apple slices or orange peels; seal tight then refrigerate unto two weeks – change fruit peeling every few days.

Storing Dried Herbs

Drying out your own homegrown/herb garden produces unique flavors of dried spices compared to buying from markets/store brands; hence keeping these well-preserved while maintaining maximum tasty aroma could elevate any dish.

Here are essential tips when storing dried Herbs:

Airtight Containers:

Keep your herbs in airtight containers and place them away from direct sunlight/heat. Sunlight can cause the herbs to lose their flavor and aroma, while heat accelerates the evaporation process.


It’s important to label your herb container with the name of your dried Herbs, date picked/dried/repacked -this helps you know when they’re good for usage or ought to be discarded

The Bottom Line

The methods mentioned above on how-to-store-herbs are simple ways that anyone can follow in their homes using affordable tools like plastic bags/jars/glass containers. Proper storage helps maintain freshness and extends shelf life; thus enabling you to enjoy fresh herbs all year round. Remember always use high-quality ingredients as spices/herbs add more than just flavor but also nutrition value into meals too!

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