Tips for Storing Hyacinth Bulbs After Flowering

Hyacinths are a popular spring bulb that blooms in early to mid-spring and produces beautiful fragrant flowers. Once the bloom period is over, many gardeners wonder how to store their hyacinth bulbs for future growth. In this blog post, we will go over step-by-step instructions on how to store your hyacinth bulbs after flowering.

When to Store Hyacinth Bulbs

The best time to dig up and store hyacinth bulbs is when the plant has finished its blooming cycle. The leaves will start to yellow and die back once the flower has died off. This usually occurs in late spring or early summer.

Step 1: Dig Up Your Hyacinth Bulbs

First things first, you need to dig up your hyacinth bulbs from their bed or container with care so as not to damage them. You can use a small hand trowel or fork for this task.

Step 2: Remove Excess Soil and Cut Back Foliage

Once you have dug up your bulbs, gently brush away any excess soil clinging onto it with a soft-bristled brush. Next, cut back any dead foliage down close but do not remove it entirely.

Step 3: Air Dry Your Hyacinth Bulbs

It’s important that you allow your hyacinths’ underground parts (bulbs) some time getting rid of moisture before storing them away; otherwise they might rot during storage – which means no next year’s blooms! Spread out the freshly dug-up bulbs onto newspaper or a screen surface under partial shade where there’s good air circulation coming through – avoid direct sunlight!

The Best Way To Store Hyacinths After Flowering

After drying the bulb properly, It’s time to store them in a cool, dry area. Here are the best ways to store your hyacinth bulbs after flowering for next year’s blooms:

Option 1: In a Paper Bag

You can place the dried bulb in a paper bag with some either peat moss or vermiculite then put it somewhere dry and dark like an unheated garage. The peat moss helps keep the bulbs from drying out too much by holding moisture inside while providing adequate airflow.

Option 2: In Mesh Bags

Another option is storing your hyacinth bulbs in mesh bags – such as onion bags or fruit-and-vegetable mesh packaging that you might have lying around at home. This method allows good air circulation between each flower bulb and prevents any possible rotting.

Final Thoughts

Storing hyacinths after their blooming cycle isn’t hard once you get used to it! Just remember not to rush through this process of drying, cutting back foliage & storage – take your time so that next year’s blooms will be just as spectacular if not better than this year’s ones! With proper care, these fragrant spring flowers can come back strong every season for years and years of enjoyment!

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