Perfect Ways to Store Ice for Your Dream Wedding

Planning a big event can be stressful, and one of the most overlooked aspects is how to store ice. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception or throwing a big outdoor party, keeping your drinks cold is essential. In this blog post, we’ll go over some tips on how to store ice for wedding parties and other big events.

Choose the right type of ice

One of the first things you should consider when storing ice for an event is what type of ice to use. There are several different types available, including cubed, crushed, and shaved ice. Cubed ice melts more slowly than crushed or shaved varieties but takes up more space in coolers or buckets.

Crushed and shaved types are easier to pack around items like bottles or cans but melt much faster than cubed ones. Depending on your needs and preferences, choose the right kind that will work best for your specific event.

Tip: Fill empty spaces with smaller pieces.

If you decide to use cubes as they tend not to melt fast; It’s important always to fill any extra space in coolers with smaller pieces instead of letting it remain empty because it speeds up melting if there’s too much air inside the cooler.

Pack Ice Properly

Once you’ve chosen which kind of ice works best for your situation; then packing them properly becomes necessary. The way in which you pack your cooler can make all the difference when it comes time for serving drinks later on!

Put down a layer: start by putting down a thin layer at the bottom of whatever container you’re using before filling it with beverages or more bags/crates/buckets containing additional frozen water sources such as pre-made slushy mixtures (which are also great options!).

Wrap Bags Tightly: if using bags filled with water from home/freezer – wrap tightly so no air pockets exist between ice and bag. This will help prevent premature melting due to exposure.

Use the proper Containers: it’s best to use insulated containers that have tight-fitting lids, such as coolers or buckets with airtight seals, keeping cold air in and warm air out.


If you want to keep the ice frozen for longer periods of time, consider putting insulating materials around the container. You can use blankets or towels for this purpose.

Keep Cooler in Shade

Another essential aspect of storing ice is temperature maintenance. If your event location permits, try keeping your cooler in an area where it won’t be exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day. The sun’s heat can quickly melt even well-packed cubed varieties of frozen water sources!

Alternatively, if you must leave them under direct sunlight; then covering them with dark-colored cloth like black cover sheets would do instead. Dark colors tend to absorb more heat than lighter ones hence shielding its content from external warmth.


You can also keep some extra bags/crates/buckets filled with water ready-to-go on standby so that when one runs low – just swap it out!


All these tips should help keep your drinks refreshingly cold at any event without being stressful or wasteful! Choosing which kind is right for you depends on what type of drink variety will be served; packing it properly ensures maximum cooling effect till they’re needed while placing them strategically keeps everything chill until guests arrive! Ultimately using these guidelines helps ensure everybody has a great time and stays hydrated throughout their visit- cheers!

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