Effective Tips for Storing Icicle Lights Safely

Icicle lights are a popular choice for holiday and party decorations. They add a unique touch to any setting, but they can be tricky to store properly. Proper storage is important if you want your icicle lights to last longer and stay in good condition.

Why proper storage of icicle lights is important?

Proper storage of icicle lights will extend their lifespan and ensure that they remain in good condition year after year. Storing them incorrectly can lead to damaged wires, broken bulbs, or even rusted metal frames. These issues not only affect the appearance of your lights but also create potential safety hazards.

The Dos:

  • 1. Clean Your Lights Before Storage: Always clean your icicle lights before storing them away for the season as it reduces dirt build-ups on them which could damage the bulbs over time.
  • 2. Use Plastic Containers: Store your icicle light strings in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes because plastic protects your strings from dampness during long-term storage periods.
  • 3. Label Your Container: Place labels on each container with detailed descriptions such as color, length, shape etc., so when next you need them; identifying specific ones becomes easy.
  • 4.Use Cable Ties: Cable ties help keep all the strands tangle-free while they’re being stored which makes organizing much easier later on when it’s time to use again
  • The Don’ts:

      To make things simpler here are some don’ts that should be avoided at all costs :

      1. Avoid placing heavy items on top of stored light strands or else this will lead to entanglement and wire breakage.
      2. Do not fold the light strings forcefully as it could damage the wires within them which would result in having a bad connection with your next use.
      3. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on your icicle lights as that might cause some of its delicate parts to come off soon.

    Where Is The Best Place To Store Icicle Lights?

    The atmosphere and location are crucial factors when storing these types of lights:

    • Cool Dry Places: Storing icicle lights in cool, dry places is highly recommended. Basements, garages, and attics are all excellent options for storage because they typically remain at the same temperature year-round.
    • Away From Sunlight:Lights stored out in direct sunlight can become discolored or faded over time; hence it is vital to keep them away from sunlight exposure.

    In Conclusion

    Icicle light ropes have an essential role during festive seasons but equally important is their proper storage for future use. When it comes to storing your outdoor LED string lights there should be no shortcuts taken which we hope our above-discussed tips shared help you store your icicle lights better than before! Happy decorating!

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