The Ultimate Guide to Storing Items in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is a popular video game that allows players to create and manage their own virtual world. One of the most important aspects of the game is organizing and storing items, which can be used for crafting, decorating, or selling. In this blog post, we will discuss how to store items in Animal Crossing.

Understanding Storage Options

In Animal Crossing, there are several ways to store items. The most basic storage option is your character’s pockets. You have limited space in your pockets, so it’s important to prioritize which items you carry with you at all times.

Another storage option is placing furniture in your house which has built-in storage spaces like dressers or wardrobes where you can store clothes. You can also use bookshelves as display cases for smaller decorative objects.There are also other options available like closets and cabinets that add extra storage space.

TIP: Utilize Your Home For Additional Storage Space

Your home in Animal Crossing can double up as a great place for additional storage space by adding various cupboards and shelves around different rooms of your home leading an organized experience.

Using Storage Units And Boxes

If you require more extensive item organization capacities than what’s provided through furniture alone then using boxes or chests underneath them may come handy too.They can be purchased from Tom Nook’s shop, crafted through DIY recipes or sometimes even gifted by islanders.These boxes offer additional layer of utility as they take up less space when compared with furniture but still offer same capacity

You may consider labeling each box with the contents they hold just so its easier while searching for something down the line.Tip: If planning on stacking multiple units ensure each unit isn’t stuffed heavily ensuring safety measures aren’t overlooked!

TIP: Recycle Items To Save Space

Sometimes it might feel like you don’t have enough storage space to keep all your items. Instead of throwing away the things that you no longer need, try recycling them instead. This will free up storage space while also allowing you to contribute towards resource management.

Maximizing Storage Space

To maximize your storage space in Animal Crossing, it’s important to prioritize what items are most valuable and stored efficiently.Learn which recipe cards or materials are essential for crafting before storing any of them particularly if they’re rare as these can be hard to come by later on.The information panel of each item reveals its purpose ,sell price and usage making it easier on the player to determine which ones to store and which ones not.

In order make best use out of your pocket inventory assign each slot with a specific category like tools,fish etc.This way everytime we open our pockets everything appears organized making it easy when looking for particular item.We can even add elements like wallpaper or flooring from Nook’s Cranny shop providing an extra layer of customization too!

TIP: Use The Recycling Bin

Another great tip is utilizing the recycling bin provided outside Resident Services.It’s meant as place-holder for unwanted items but also doubles up as an extension tool incase players accidentally sell something they shouldn’t have.


Storing items effectively and efficiently is very crucial in playing animal crossing.Successfully organizing our inventory helps us make the most out of our gameplay while avoiding frustrations through a cluttered system.By following these tips, players will be able to manage their inventory more effectively leading themselves into unlocking new levels with ease!

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