Effective Methods for Storing Cut Jicama to Keep it Fresh for Longer

Jicama is a perfect addition to salads, slaws, and stir-fries because of its crunchy texture and mild flavor. But once you’ve cut it into wedges or cubes, how can you store it without losing its crispness?

Why Store Cut Jicama Properly?

Before we get into the specifics on how to store cut jicama, let’s talk about why this matters in the first place. When jicama is exposed to air for too long after being cut, it begins to lose moisture and become limp.

Not only does this affect the texture of your dish but also reduces the nutrient content of jicama as well.

Therefore storing it properly help retain both taste and nutrition

What You’ll Need

– Clean airtight container
– Ziplock bag (optional)
– Paper towel
– Cutting board
– Knife

If You’re Going To Store It For A Few Hours Only

If you plan on using your freshly-cut jicama within a few hours – either in a salad or as a snack – then simply wrap them tightly with paper towels before placing them in an airtight container.

This will help absorb any excess moisture that could cause staleness over time. And make sure your container is tightly sealed so that no air gets inside.

If You Want To Keep Your Cut Jicamas Fresh For More Than A Day

If you don’t plan on eating your cut-up jicamas right away or want them to last longer than one day, there are two storage methods you could use:

Method 1: Plastic Bags – Place diced-up jicamas inside plastic bags [ziplock] removing any all air from the bag before sealing.

Method 2: Air-tight Containers – Place sliced up Jcima pieces in clean food-grade air-tight container. Seal the container and place it in the refrigerator.

Best Practice Tips

1. Do not wash your cut Jicama before storing it since you run a risk of water droplets seeping into its flesh causing fungal growth and rotting.
2. Ensure that any knife blades or cutting surfaces that come into contact with Jicama are clean to prevent contamination.
3. When using ziplock bags do not fill them up completely, instead leave some room for air so as to avoid crushing jicamas during storage.

By following these suggested methods, you can store your cut jicama fresh and crispy until ready to use!

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