The Ultimate Guide on Storing Fresh Kale from Your Garden

Kale is a nutritious and versatile green leafy vegetable that can be eaten cooked or raw. Growing kale in your garden can be an excellent way to ensure you have fresh kale whenever you need it. However, once harvested, the question arises of how to store it effectively so that it retains its freshness and nutrients for as long as possible.

In this blog post, we will guide you through some effective ways to store kale from the garden. These methods will help keep your freshly harvested kale green and crispy for longer periods.

Drying Kale Before Storage

Before storing freshly harvested kale from the garden, you should always start by drying the leaves thoroughly. Moisture on leaves facilitates the growth of bacteria and fungus, which leads to spoilage.

To dry your newly harvested kale, spread out each leaf individually on a clean kitchen towel or paper towel. Gently pat down each leaf with another towel until all moisture has been absorbed.

Once dried, remove any remaining stems before proceeding to storage options.

Storing In The Fridge

One of the most popular ways of storing fresh vegetables is by refrigeration. When done correctly, refrigerating freshly harvested kales can preserve them for up to two weeks while still maintaining their nutritional value.

To store fresh kales in the refrigerator:

1) Wrap individual leaves tightly using plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

– This helps prevent exposure to air and moisture which are responsible for accelerating wilting.

– If possible insert a paper towels inside each wrap since they absorb excess water

– Pack them loosely into an air-tight container

– Place them at high humidity levels in either open plastic bags or crisper drawer

By doing so; this ensures that maximum moisture content is retained while keeping them cool enough without freezing temperatures.

Remember not all fridges’ temperature settings are the same, so keep your kale away from other produce that may release ethylene gas which promotes ripening.

Storing In The Freezer

Freezing is another effective way of preserving fresh kales for an extended period. Frozen kale can last up to six months without losing its nutritional value if stored correctly.

To store fresh kales in the freezer:

1) Blanch leaves in boiling water for 2-3 minutes.

– This helps preserve their nutrients and color while eliminating bacteria and fungus on them.

– After blanching, put them into a bowl of ice-cold water until they have cooled down fully

– Pat dry with a paper towel

– Divide into portions based on how much you will need per meal

Once done, transfer each portion onto individual ziplock bags or vacuum sealable plastic containers.

Remember to date label each bag or container as this allows you to know when they were packed and should be used before discarding


In conclusion, storing freshly harvested kale from the garden requires some careful preparation beforehand. Drying out all moisture content before proceeding with refrigeration or freezing can make all the difference between maintaining freshness or experiencing spoilage.

Once prepared properly taking note of different storage methods detailed above such as refrigeration within high humidity levels and freezing by vacuum sealing individual portions; these greens will provide nutritious meals long after harvesting time has come!

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