How to Store a Kayak in an Apartment: A Comprehensive Guide

Living in an apartment often means sacrificing space for the convenience of city living. This can make storing large items, such as a kayak, seem like an impossible task. But fear not! With a little creativity and some helpful tips, you too can safely store your kayak in your small apartment.

Measure Your Space

Before bringing your kayak into your apartment, it’s important to measure the space where you plan on storing it. This will ensure that the kayak will fit properly and won’t take up too much valuable real estate. Make sure to measure both the length and width of the area where you plan on storing your kayak.


– Use a tape measure or ruler to accurately measure the space
– Take note of any obstacles or features (such as doors or windows) that may affect how you store your kayak

Choose a Storage Location

Now that you’ve measured your space, it’s time to choose a location for storage. There are several options for storing kayaks in apartments:

1. Wall Mounts
Wall mounts provide an easy solution for storing kayaks vertically against the wall. Not only does this save floor space but also gives an artistic touch to walls when done creatively.


– Make sure to install wall mounts correctly and securely
– Check with landlord about making holes in walls before installing mounts

2. Ceiling Hoists
If there is enough headroom available then ceiling hoists are another option that frees up floor/storeage area while providing quick accessibililty.


– Ensure proper weight capacity is defined by manufacturer guidelines.
– Rope/cables used should be high-quality & thick enough so they do not break easily under load.

3.Kayak Cradles/Racks:
Kayak cradles/racks come with padding at contact points to protect your kayak from scratches and prevent damage while storing.


-Choose the rack based on weight and width compatibility with your kayak.
– Look for models that are easily disassembled if you plan to move out in near future

Clean Your Kayak

Before storing, make sure you clean your kayak. Dirt, grime, saltwater or chlorine can cause long-term damage to the boat. Ensure the kayak is completely dry before storage.


– Use a mild soap solution (dishwashing liquid & water) to remove dirt/grime/saltwater
– Rinse thoroughly using fresh water
– Allow it to air-dry completely upside down


Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean giving up kayaking or sacrificing space. With proper planning and some creative solutions like wall mounts/ceiling hoists/kayak cradles/racks , you can safely store your kayak hassle-free. Remember measuring available space, cleaning of kayaks before storage and choosing right kind of storage option plays crucial role in maintaining lifespan of the boat . So follow these tips and keep enjoying a great summer full of adventure!

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