Smart Ways to Store Your Kayak in the Garage

Kayaking is a thrilling water sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s no surprise that many kayakers choose to invest in their own kayak, allowing them the freedom to explore different lakes and rivers on their own terms. However, after purchasing a kayak, one thing we often overlook is figuring out how to properly store it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips on how you can safely store your kayak in your garage.

1. Choose an Appropriate Storage Location

The first step towards storing a kayak in the garage is choosing an appropriate location. You should avoid keeping the kayak outside as it may get damaged due to harsh weather conditions or even theft. Instead, identify a dry and cool room where you won’t need much space for other purposes.


– Clear up items from around the chosen area.
– Ensure there are no sharp objects nearby.
– Check if there are any leaks or cracks before storage.

2. Properly Clean and Dry Your Kayak Before Storing It

Before storing your kayak away for long periods of time, make sure it has been thoroughly washed with mild soap and lukewarm water using gentle strokes from top to bottom of the vessel’s bodywork; similarly dry out any remaining moisture with towels or cleaning cloths.


– Avoid leaving any dirt inside or outside of the boat.
-Drying off all parts completely will prevent mold growth which could damage your canoe over time

3.Use Wall Mounts Or Racks To Store Your Kayak

Wall mounts offer secure storage solutions as they keep kayaks elevated above ground level; racks are also great options when floor space isn’t available since they do not require much room either – so choose what works best based on measurements taken during your kayak inspection.


– Invest in strong mounts or racks that can hold the weight of your kayak.
– Ensure there is sufficient clearance space between mounts so kayaks don’t rub against each other.

4. Protect Your Kayak from Unwanted Pests

Pests like rodents and insects are attracted to areas where they can nest or find food. It’s important to protect your kayak from such pests as they could gnaw on various parts of the vessel causing damage that may not be easily fixable.


– Seal off any gaps around mounting brackets and doors
– Consider using traps or a small amount of repellent spray to keep them away

In conclusion, by following these tips, storing your kayak in the garage should no longer be a hassle for you. By choosing an appropriate location, cleaning and drying it carefully before storage, investing in wall mounts or racks for secure storage solutions, and protecting it from unwanted pests should help preserve your investment for many years to come!

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