Effective Ways to Store Your Kids’ Artwork

As a parent, keeping your child’s artwork is precious. It captures memories of their growth and progress over time. However, after a while, the pile can become overwhelming and finding space to store it all becomes a challenge.

In this blog post, we will explore some creative ways to store kids’ artwork that are both practical and easy to maintain.

Digital Storage

Digitally storing your child’s art is becoming increasingly popular as more people seek modern solutions for managing clutter. There are several benefits of digital storage including saving space and being able to access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

Scanning Artwork

One way to digitize children’s artwork is by scanning them into your computer or mobile device. You can create folders for each year or school grade level for easy organization and retrieval. The files can be stored in cloud-based apps like Google Drive or Dropbox.


Another way of digitally storing artwork is through photography. This method allows you to capture three-dimensional pieces such as sculptures or pottery with greater accuracy than scanning them into a flat image format. Photographs also retain the texture of brushstrokes on paintings which adds depth in comparison to scanned images.

Create an Art Gallery Wall at Home

Creating an art gallery wall at home provides visual appeal while showcasing your child’s artistic talent. It offers an affordable option for those who want their kid’s work displayed but do not have enough storage space in their homes.

Framed Masterpieces

Consider framing some of the best works done by your children throughout the years; it not only protects them but makes beautiful additions when adorning walls around the house.

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is another great way to store children’s artwork. It’s an organized method of maintaining their work with minimal effort.

Binder or Folder

Consider creating a binder or folder for each school year containing your child’s best artwork from that year. Label them appropriately and store in a safe place like the attic, basement, or any other designated storage space.


Storing kids’ artwork doesn’t have to be overwhelming; with these creative ideas, managing clutter becomes less daunting. Whether you choose digital storage, creating an art gallery wall at home, or keeping portfolios of their work throughout the years – all can provide ways to preserve these precious memories for years to come.

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