Efficient Ways to Store Kiwi and Make them Last Longer

Kiwis are one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits available. They are packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, making them a great addition to any diet. However, like many fruits, kiwis can be quite fragile and prone to spoilage if not stored correctly. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to store kiwi to make them last longer.

Choose the Right Kiwis

One of the first steps in storing kiwis is selecting ripe ones. Ripe kiwis should be firm but yield slightly when you press them gently with your finger or thumb. If they feel too soft or mushy, they may already be overripe and not suitable for storage.

Avoid Bruised or Damaged Kiwis

When choosing your kiwis for storage, also pay attention to any damage that may have occurred during shipping or handling. Avoid bruised or damaged fruit as these will spoil much faster than intact ones.

Cooler Temperatures Help Kiwi Last Longer

Kiwis must be stored under proper temperature conditions if you want them to last longer. Ideally, you should choose a cool place where the temperature ranges between 32-35 degrees Fahrenheit (0-1 degree Celsius). This kind of environment slows down the ripening process which can help extend their shelf life by up two weeks!

Avoid Humidity While Storing Kiwi

In addition to temperatures being at ideal levels while storing your kiwis; avoid humidity! High moisture levels encourage mold growth; therefore it’s essential always keep their surroundings dry.

Store Separately from Other Fruits & Vegetables

Storing fruits together is sometimes hazardous because certain vegetables emit ethylene gas-a natural plant hormone that promotes ripening -and can speed up the decay process of kiwis. Keep your kiwi separate from other fruits and vegetables to maintain freshness.

Wrap Your Kiwi

Wrapping your kiwis in a paper towel or newspaper will prevent moisture accumulation; however, do not wrap them too tightly as it may cause premature spoiling.

Dry Environment is Ideal for Storing Kiwis

Storing your kiwis in a dry environment helps to minimize spoilage and make their shelf life longer. You can use baskets or containers with holes that allow air circulation while also protecting the fruit from any damage.

Avoid Direct Sunlight & Heat

Direct sunlight causes rapid ripening, which ultimately leads to spoilage; therefore you should avoid leaving them exposed under sunlight for long periods. The same goes for heat sources such as radiators, ovens, and even microwaves!

The Bottom Line:

Kiwis are nutritious fruits filled with vitamins A&C while also being low on carbs, sugar-free when eaten fresh-which makes them great for dietary practices such as keto-diet – plus they’re delicious! However, storing them correctly is crucial if you want to keep their flavors intact beyond just one week. Use these tips mentioned above on how-to-store-kiwi-to-last-longer by keeping cooler temperatures at stable levels (32F-35F), avoiding humidity or excess moisture inside containers/baskets used during storage timeframes.
Separate the Kiwi fruit away from other produce items like veggies/fruit that emit ethylene gas so they won’t promote faster ripening of each other’s enzymes within proximity!
Store your ripe but firm-feeling kiwidry environment where airflow allows slow decomposition without needing light exposure due to high radiation risks associated with direct sun rays warming up the fruit too quickly causing it lose nutrients before being consumed!

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