Effective Tips for Properly Storing Kiwis at Home

Kiwis are a delicious and nutritious fruit that are filled with vitamins and antioxidants. They are also low in calories, making them an excellent snack for those who are watching their weight. However, if you buy more kiwis than you can eat right away, it’s important to know how to store them properly so they don’t spoil before you have a chance to enjoy them.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about storing kiwis at home so that they last as long as possible while retaining their flavor and nutritional value.

Choose Ripe Kiwis

Before we dive into storage methods, it’s important to understand how to choose ripe kiwis in the first place. You want your kiwi fruit to be firm but not hard when gently squeezed. If the skin is wrinkled or feels soft, the flesh inside may be overripe or even spoiled.

Look at the Color

A ripe kiwi should also have a bright green color that is consistent throughout its surface. Avoid any fruit with brown spots on its skin; this could indicate damage or decay inside.

Smell Them

Finally, give your potential purchase a sniff test – if there’s an off smell emanating from the fruit then it’s likely not fresh enough for consumption.

Store Your Kiwis in Room Temperature

While some fruits like peaches need refrigeration once ripened fully-kiwifruits stay fresher when stored outside of cold temperatures

It’s best to keep whole uncut Kiwifruit fresh by storing them room temperature until they achieve ripeness because placing these fruits in refrigeration slows down the process of maturity

If after several days ambiently stored still haven’t ripened yet transfer them into brown paper bags where ethylene gases produced by these fruits will work together accelerating maturation process

Keep Them in an Airy Space

An ideal way of storing Kiwis at home is to keep them loose rather than stacking. The airflow will be better for the fruits if they are spread out.

Kiwifruit requires a well-ventilated space as this reduces the possibility of molds developing, which can spoilively shorten their shelf life.

Store Cut Kiwis in Fridge

Once your kiwi fruit has ripened and you’re ready to cut it up, you have several storage options available. However, none of these options allow you to store fresh-cut kiwifruit for more than four days safely.

If your container doesn’t come with an airtight seal then wrap your sliced up pieces or leftover half tightly in plastic wrap before putting them inside wherever headspace is less prevalent (the fridge’s crisper drawer tends to be slightly more humid).

Place Them In The Coldest Section

Placing it within the lowest portion away from the door where its coldest maintains their freshness longer

Use An Airtight Container

When storing cut-up kiwis, one important factor is how air-tight the container that holds them actually is. This makes sure that no excess moisture comes into contact with fruit leading towards faster spoilage.

In conclusion, by following best practice storage techniques shared above means taking proper care for your Kiwi fruits so they stay healthy and tasty until consumed over time. With all said and done there’s no good reason why remaining ripe Kiwi should go bad while waiting on consumption!

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