Efficient Tips for Storing Large Blankets without Any Hassle

Blankets are a cozy and essential part of our daily lives, especially during cold weather. However, storing them can be a challenge due to their size and bulkiness. In this blog post, we will provide some useful tips on how to store large blankets properly.

Choose the Right Storage Space

The first step in storing your large blankets is selecting the appropriate storage space. The ideal space should be dry, dark, and cool to prevent moisture or mold growth. A closet or under-bed storage box could work perfectly for this purpose.

Closet Storage

If you opt for closet storage, make sure it’s clean and tidy before placing your blankets inside. You can use shelves or bins to keep them organized and free from dust or dirt.

Under-Bed Storage Box

If you have limited closet space, an under-bed storage box may come in handy. These boxes are designed explicitly for storing bulky items like comforters and blankets while maximizing valuable floor space.

Clean Your Blankets Thoroughly Before Storing Them

Before folding up your blanket for storage, ensure that it’s clean as dirt can attract pests such as moths that could damage it over time.

Dry Clean Only Blankets

If your blanket is labeled “dry clean only,” consider taking it to a professional cleaner before keeping it away for long-term storage.

Machine Washable Blanket

Suppose the blanket is machine washable; make sure you follow manufacturer instructions on washing temperature settings to prevent shrinking or damaging its fibers.

Air-Dry Option

Instead of using a dryer after washing your blanket let them air-dry completely outside under direct sunlight if possible

Fold Your Large Blankets Properly

The way you fold your blanket plays an important role in how well it will fit into storage. When folding, make sure that the folds are even and smooth to prevent creases that could lead to permanent wrinkles.

Rolling Option

For a more space-saving option, consider rolling your blankets instead of folding them. This method ensures fewer creases and takes up less space when storing.

Storage Extras To Consider

Moth Balls or Cedar Blocks

Consider using mothballs or cedar blocks as they repel moths and other pests from getting in contact with your blankets during storage

Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags provide another excellent alternative for those who need extra protection against moisture or dust mites while also saving on space.

< h2>Conclusion:

Properly storing large blankets can seem like a daunting task, but with these tips, you’ll be able to keep them cozy and organized without any stress. Remember always to choose the right storage space, clean them before keeping them away for long periods after use especially during summers since they may attract insects such as moths followed by proper folding technique if not opting for vacuum-sealed bags then lastly consider additional protective measures such as mothballs or cedar blocks!

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