Maximizing Space: Tips for Storing Large Ornaments with Ease

Decorating the Christmas tree is a tradition that many of us look forward to every year. The beautiful ornaments and sparkly lights add warmth and cheer to our homes during the holiday season. If you have large ornaments, storing them safely can be challenging. Large ornaments are often fragile and require proper care while storing them so they don’t get damaged or broken.

Choose the Right Container

The first step in storing your large ornaments is choosing the right container. You’ll want to choose a container that is sturdy and protective enough to keep your ornaments safe from damage. A plastic storage bin with dividers works well for this purpose because it provides layers of protection for each ornament.

Size Matters

When selecting a container, consider how many large ornaments you need to store as well as their size, shape, and weight. Make sure that there’s enough space between each one so they won’t bump into each other when stored.

Invest in Dividers

If your bin doesn’t come with dividers built-in, purchase some separate ones designed specifically for larger ornaments. This will help keep each ornament secure by preventing them from shifting around during transport or storage.

Wrap Each Ornament Carefully

Once you have selected an appropriate container, wrap each ornament carefully before placing it inside the bin. There are several ways you can do this:

Paper Towels

Wrap heavy-duty paper towels around delicate surfaces like glass or porcelain before packing them away.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is another great option if you’re worried about fragile pieces getting scratched or cracked while being transported or in storage.

Tissue Paper

Wrapping up larger items in tissue paper provides an extra layer of padding against bumps which helps prevent scratches and chips.

Label the Container

Don’t forget to label your container so you can easily find it next year. Use a permanent marker or adhesive labels to make sure that you are able to identify the contents of each bin.

Include Details

Consider adding additional details on the label like size, shape, color, and material of ornaments stored inside. This way you can quickly scan through your bins when searching for a particular ornament.

Store in a Cool Dry Place

Large ornaments should be stored in a cool dry place where they won’t be exposed to moisture or extreme temperatures throughout the year.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Avoid placing your containers in direct sunlight as this can cause fading and other damage over time.

Closet Space Works Great

A closet space works great for storing large ornaments since it provides an enclosed area that’s out of sight but still easy enough to access when needed.


Storing large Christmas ornaments requires some extra care, but if done properly it will help keep them looking beautiful for years. By following these tips on choosing the right container, wrapping up each one carefully with paper towels or bubble wrap before putting them away; labeling your container with pertinent information about its contents- including size and type- finding an appropriate storage location such as closets free from humidity exposure (or even considering renting self-storage units), then there’s no reason why those holiday decorations shouldn’t last long beyond just one season!

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