How to Properly Store Leather Pants for Longevity and Quality

Leather pants are a staple fashion item that can last you for years with proper care and storage. Whether you’re storing them for the off-season or just looking to keep them in good condition, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to storing leather pants.

Choosing a Storage Location

The first step in properly storing your leather pants is to choose an appropriate location. Ideally, you want a cool, dark place where humidity levels are low. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures as these can damage the leather over time.

Closet Storage

If you’re planning on hanging your leather pants in your closet, make sure that they have enough space to breathe. Don’t overcrowd them with other clothes as this can cause creasing and bending of the material. It’s also best not to use wire hangers as these can leave marks on the leather – opt for padded hangers instead.

Drawer Storage

Another option is drawer storage. If you decide to store your leather pants in drawers, make sure that they’re folded neatly and don’t have any sharp creases or folds – this could weaken the material over time.

Clean Your Leather Pants Before Storing Them

Before putting away your leather pants for long-term storage, take some time to clean them thoroughly. Dirt and debris can accumulate on clothing over time which allows bacteria build-up resulting into bad smells from mildew growth which may be hard or impossible remove later if left unattended during storage period

To ensure longevity of your precious clothing items give them a wash before placing into their new home so everything stays fresh! Start by wiping down any visible dirt or grime with a damp cloth then apply specially formulated cleaner specifically designed for leathers like Lexol Cleaner & Conditioner Kit followed immediately with treatment using a leather conditioner like Zymol Leather Conditioner to keep the leather soft and supple.

Protect Your Leather Pants

Another important step when it comes to storing your leather pants is protecting them from environmental factors that could cause damage over time. The best way to do this is by using special storage bags or covers that are specifically designed for leather clothing items.

Leather Storage Bags

Investing in a quality storage bag made of breathable material will help protect your pants from moisture buildup and dust, which can be harmful to the delicate fibers of the material. Make sure that any zippers on your storage bag are metal-free as these can corrode over time and leave marks on your clothes.

Clothing Covers

If you prefer not to use a storage bag, consider investing in a clothing cover instead. These come in various materials such as cotton, canvas or silk with options ranging from clear plastic windowed lids for easy viewing of contents inside hidden away behind closed doors! Just make sure it’s clean before placing those expensive items inside; otherwise there is no point in covering up dirt!

It’s important note that while these covers offer protection against dust and other elements they may not provide enough air circulation so if opting for this method – try open airing once every few days or weeks depending on frequency usage so everything stays fresh smelling all year round!


When it comes down to it, properly storing your leather pants isn’t rocket science but requires attention detail throughout entire process starting with carefully choosing where you’ll store them followed by proper cleaning methods pre-storage period then finally taking necessary precautions during actual storage period itself – investing either into specially design bags or covers protective sealants applied regularly go long way ensuring longevity cherished wardrobe staples keeping looking good many years come!

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