Tips for Organizing and Storing Built LEGO Sets

How to Store LEGO Sets That Are Built

LEGO sets are not just for kids anymore; they have become a popular hobby and source of relaxation for adults as well. Once you complete your LEGO set, you might wonder what the best way is to store it. Should you take it apart and put it back in its box or keep it on display? Here are some tips on how to store your built LEGO sets.

1. Clean Your Set Before Storing It

Before storing your LEGO set, make sure that all pieces are clean and free from any dust or debris that may have accumulated while building it. Use a soft-bristled brush or compressed air to remove any dirt.

2. Disassemble The Set Carefully:

The first option is disassembling the set carefully before storage, which can be time-consuming but ensures that each piece remains intact without being subjected to wear-and-tear when placed in long-term storage.

To begin with, find an open area where you can work without losing small parts around other objects in the room. Start by taking pictures of the completed model from different angles so that you know how everything fits together if reassembly is required later on.

Next, slowly deconstruct each section one at a time and check for instructions if necessary before removing anything critical such as hinges or brackets used during construction because once damaged those cannot be replaced easily over time due availability constraints etcetera .

Finally, place everything inside Ziploc bags labeled with their corresponding numbers (if applicable), making sure larger pieces remain flat while smaller ones stay upright.

3.Store Each Component Separately

Another approach would be using plastic container boxes such as those sold at stores like Walmart/Target/etcetera ; these usually come divided into compartments according to size which makes organizing much easier than loose piles. You can find storage solutions made specifically for LEGO sets online or at toy stores as well.

One advantage of using containers is that you can store each component separately, making it easier to access specific pieces when needed without having to rummage through a large box of mixed up parts, which may cause damage in the process.

It’s vital to label everything correctly so that you know what goes where once you’re ready to reassemble your model again.

4. Display Your Built Set

If you want your built LEGO set on display rather than stored away, there are several options available depending on how much space and budget you have.

You could place your set on a bookshelf or use a display case with UV filtering glass to protect against sunlight exposure over time which may fade colors etcetera .

A popular trend among AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) is building custom shelves or wall-mounted displays from scratch utilizing acrylic plastic sheets cut into various shapes and sizes according to the collection’s theme/size/etcetera . These displays provide perfect protection while showcasing creativity as well!


Whether you choose to disassemble your built LEGO set and store it carefully in bags/containers or keep it on display, make sure everything stays clean and labeled for easy retrieval later down the line if required. It’s always best practice not just for protecting investments but also keeping things organized efficiently!

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