How to Properly Store Leis for Longevity and Freshness

Leis are a beautiful and delicate Hawaiian treasure that symbolizes love, unity, and friendship. These handcrafted garlands made with fresh flowers or leaves add elegance to any celebration, whether it’s a wedding, graduation ceremony, or welcoming someone special at the airport.

However, storing leis correctly is essential to preserve their beauty and fragrance for as long as possible. In this article, we’ll discuss how to store leis properly so that they last longer.

Choose Your Leis Wisely

Before you learn how to store your leis evenly carefully choose the type of lei you want to purchase because different types of leis have varying shelf lives. If you’re buying fresh flower leis like plumeria or orchid lei make sure they are not too wilted before purchasing them. You will also need to use these within 24 hours of purchase if stored in cool conditions away from sunlight.

If your lei has more lasting power try choosing ones made with materials like artificial silk which can be gently washed using soap and water then hung up dry without risk damage such as wilting.

Make sure when selecting your lei; consider its intended purpose and location where it will be used so that it best suits those needs.

How To Store Fresh Flower Leis

Fresh flower leis can last longer than expected if stored well but bear in mind that they don’t stay fresh forever! Follow these steps below;

1. Get a plastic bag: A Ziplock-style bag works best – ensure the size is large enough for all parts of the lei including ribbon tails.

2. Dampen paper towel: Lightly dampen down paper towels which should then wrap around each blossom within the garland once folded over into half twice horizontally.

3.Loose tie bag: Tie loose knot bag ensuring no air pockets exist between filled spaces.

4. Refrigerate: Placing your lei garland in a clean plastic bag and refrigerate.

5.Remove from fridge: Remove the lei carefully from the fridge just before use to avoid condensation.

How To Store Artificial Leis

Artificial leis are sturdier, and hence, easy to store than fresh flower leis. You don’t have to worry about them wilting or rotting away quickly! Follow these steps below:

1. Arrange nicely: Gently arrange your lei so that its petals lie flat against each other with no folds or creases.

2.Hang up: Hang up the lei on a coat hook or hanger ensuring it is not squashed by any surrounding objects.

3.Cover with paper towel Wrap a layer of white tissue paper around the outer surface of your well-arranged lei which will protect it from dust and sunlight damage while stored away somewhere safe like an old shoebox.


With proper storage techniques, you can extend the life span of fresh flowered leis for 24 hours and artificial ones for as long as possible without losing their beauty, fragrance or shape. By following our step-by-step guide above, you’ll be able to preserve those treasured Hawaiian memories for much longer!

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