Tips for Preserving Lemon Juice in the Refrigerator

Lemon juice is a great addition to many dishes and drinks, but it can be a hassle to constantly squeeze fresh lemons every time you need it. Luckily, storing lemon juice in the fridge is an easy solution. However, if not done correctly, the lemon juice may lose its freshness and flavor quickly. In this blog post, we will guide you through how to store lemon juice in the fridge for a long time.

The Importance of Proper Storage

It’s crucial to properly store lemon juice as exposure to air and light can cause oxidation that leads to loss of flavor and nutrients. Also, leaving the jug or container open increases the risk of contamination by bacteria.

Choose the Right Container

The first step towards proper storage is selecting an appropriate container for your lemon juice. Use glass containers because they’re non-reactive with acidic liquids like citrus fruits juices; avoid plastic since some types react with citrus acid breaking down their chemicals into your drink.

Squeeze Fresh Lemons

Squeeze fresh lemons preferably organic ones instead of buying bottled ones from grocery stores as these might have chemical additives affecting taste quality when refrigerated.

Filtering Lemon Juice Before Refrigerating It

After squeezing enough fruit pieces into your glass bottle/jar with lid which should be clean/dry before use; filter out any pulp or seeds using cheesecloth/strainer then pour filtered liquid into jar/bottle until full about ¾ way up (leaving space at top).

Add Some Preservatives

To preserve its freshness longer than just plain squeezed lemons alone add natural preservatives such as Vitamin C powder/citric acid crystals or sugar/honey (if sweetened) dissolved in small amount water then poured over fruit mixture before filling jug/Bottle thus creating citric acid in the juice promoting longer shelf life.

Seal Tightly and Label

After adding preservatives close jar tightly to prevent air exposure, shake bottle/jar thoroughly mixing lemon juice with other ingredients. Finally, label the container with date of preparation and expiry date (usually a week or two).

How Long Can You Store Lemon Juice In The Fridge?

Lemon juice can last up to 14 days when stored properly in a fridge at temperatures below 40°F and not opened frequently since more cold air rushes in reducing its freshness time-span.


Storing lemon juice is an easy process that requires selecting the right container, using fresh lemons, filtering pulp/seeds out before refrigerating it alongside natural preservatives for long-term storage. Ensure proper sealing of your jug/bottle while labelling it clearly with expiry dates as this will prolong its freshness from rapid spoilage due to oxidation or contamination by bacteria thus ensuring you have enough supply available whenever needed.

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